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An urgent request having been received at the end of August from the Director of the Disaster Relief Project (Mission of the United Nations Mediator for Palestine) that FAO should undertake a survey of the food position and food requirements of the Palestine Arab Refugees, the Director-General appointed two members of his staff to proceed to Palestine and surrounding countries to carry out all necessary investigations, including a survey of the present season's crops and next year's prospects, as well as of the effects of war and excess demands on available stocks.

The report thereon, which was placed before the Council (CL 4/6), points out the gravity of the situation of the Palestine Arab Refugees, not only from the point of view of nutrition but also of general health and sanitation, and presents an appraisal of the urgent steps that should be taken to meet the emergency.

The Council notes with satisfaction that the Director-General has taken prompt and effective action to fulfill the request of the United Nations and records its appreciation of the work carried out by the Members of the Mission.

It also notes that the Director-General has forwarded the report to the United Nations, drawing their particular attention to the detailed estimates of the food and other requirements of the refugees as submitted in that report, and the necessity for urgent action to prevent widespread starvation and suffering.

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