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The Council had before it a draft report from its Committee on Relations with other International Organizations regarding “Policies and Methods in FAO's Relations with other International Organizations” (CL 4/11). The Council decided to transmit this Report to the Conference with the following resolutions:-


  1. recommends that the Conference approve the draft agreement with the World Health Organization, and the draft agreement with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization,

  2. draws the attention of the Conference to the proposal by UNESCO to publish pamphlets in 1949 on “food and population”, subjects which are of major interest to FAO and other United Nations Organizations,

  3. approves the action taken by the Director-General in requesting that UNESCO provide for consultation, to advise on policy questions in connection with these pamphlets which are on subjects of concern to FAO, and on the selection of subjects and authors.

The Council further took note of a statement by the representative of the Office International du Vin, indicating the desire of that Organization to enter into a formal agreement with FAO and invited the Director-General to take this request into consideration.

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