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I. Report of the Director-General on His Mission

The Council has heard a report by the Director-General (CL 6/2) on visits to England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Tahiland, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Philippine Republic, and Australia, The Council is of the opinion that the mission has served a very useful purpose, and has adopted the following resolution:


Having received the report of the Director-General on his recent missions to countries of the Mediterranean basin, the Near East, Asia and the Far East,

Desires to express its appreciation for the valuable work of the Director-General in this regard and the benefits the visit has conferred on member countries.

Recommends that this report be circulated to FAO member governments; and

Expresses the hope that the Director-General will be able to undertake further visits of a similar character, particularly in Latin America.

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