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VII. Palestine Arab Refugees

The Council has heard a further report on the Palestine Arab refugees (CL 6/27), supplementing the document considered at its Fourth Session. It notes that certain relief measures undertaken by the United Nations and the specialized agencies have ameliorated the condition of these refugees but that continued relief will be necessary to maintain even minimum standards of nutrition and general health pending resettlement of the displaced people.

Emphasizing its desire to cooperate further toward the solution of the immediate and ultimate problems of the Palestine Arab refugees, the Council has adopted the following resolution:


Having considered the report submitted by the Director-General on the Palestine Arab refugees,

Endorses the continued collaboration of FAO with the United Nations and other specialized agencies in supplying technical assistance in respect of the immediate problem;

Suggests that further assistance might be given subsequently through the proposed technical aid program; and

Recommends that the FAO Conference approve continued cooperation on this important problem.

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