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VIII. Greek Refugees

The Council has taken note of a request from the Greek Government (CL 6/35) that FAO study what action may be taken, within the limits of its responsibilities, to assist Greece in bringing back to their homes the displaced Greek population and to maintain health and nutrition standards until resettlement can be accomplished. The Council understands that this matter has also been placed before the United Nations and UNESCO.

The Council, expressing its sympathy with the Greek people who are in such dire circumstances, has adopted the following resolution:


Having received a communication from the Greek Government requesting that FAO study methods to assist the Government in solving its problem of displaced persons,

Expresses its deep concern in the problem and desire to render the maximum technical assistance possible, and its willingness to cooperate with the United Nations and other specialized agencies; and

Recommends that the Conference give due consideration to the problem of refugees in drawing up plans for supplementary technical assistance, and provide for cooperation with the other agencies concerned.

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