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XIII. Appointments to Standing Advisory Committees

The Council has approved the following appointments to Standing Advisory Committees, on the recommendation of the Director-General:

Forestry and Forest Products

Lyle Watts, Chairman (United States of America)
Bernard Dufay, Vice Chairman (France)
Raphael Romero Castañeda (Colombia)
Georges Cerf (Belgium)
Count Anton Ceschi (Austria)
H. G. Champion (United Kingdom)
M. D. Chaturvedi (India)
A. R. Entrican (New Zealand)
Anders Fjelstad (Norway)
Rudolf Fromer (Poland)
S. C. Lee (China)
Donald A. Macdonald (Canada)
Herman Mark (United States of America)
Aldo Pavari (Italy)
G. J. Rodger (Australia)
Aníbal Sebastián Romero (Venezuela)
Eino Saari (Finland)
Paulo de Souza (Brazil)
F. Tamesis (Philippine Republic)
Hans G. Winkelmann (Switzerland)

Rural Welfare

André Mayer, Chairman (France)
Newton de Castro Belleza (Brazil)
Manuel Gamio (Mexico)
Mlle. Lucienne Joly (Belgium)
Ching Chun Liang (China)
Mrs. Raymond Sayre (United States)
Carl Taylor (United States)

Representatives from the following organizations:

Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences
International Labour Organization
Social Activities Division, United Nations
Department of Trusteeship and Information from Non-Self-Governing Territories, United Nations
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
World Health Organization

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