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Adoption of the Agenda and Timetable

Agreed to include as items on the Agenda of the next session of the Council the recommendations of the Fourteenth FAO Regional Conference for Latin America concerning the Regional Conference, and the proposal made by the Federal Republic of Germany on the overhead expenses of experts on the Associate Expert Scheme (footnote to para. 2).

Review of the Programmes, Structures and Policies of the Organization in the light of the Conference Deliberations: Proposals by the Director-General

Welcomed the Director-General's new policy orientation as a courageous step toward fulfilling FAO's primary constitutional obligations (para. 10), and especially the increased emphasis on practical short-term action (para.11).

Welcomed the Director-General's proposal to establish a Technical Cooperation Programme (para. 16).

Agreed that funds under the Technical Cooperation Programme could be effectively used as seed money to attract considerable greater financing from other sources (para. 18).

Requested the Director-General to investigate the possibility and desirability of rationalizing emergency activities under the Technical Cooperation Programme with those already provided for within the Working Capital Fund for animal, plant disease and crop pest control (para. 19).

Considered that the criteria for the Technical Cooperation Programme set out in para 4. 12 of CL 69/2 were adequate for the initial stage, and agreed that they should be reviewed after some experience had been gained (para. 21).

Agreed to setting a ceiling of the order of $ 250 000 on single projects during the experimental stage of the Technical Cooperation Programme (para. 21).

Concurred in the procedure proposed in paras. 4.16 to 4.21 of CL 69/2 (para. 22).

Endorsed the recommendations on the Technical Cooperation Programme set out in para. 4.23 (a), (b) and (c) of CL 69/2 (para. 22).

Agreed that the Financial Regulations should be changed, to allow the carry-over of funds under the Technical Cooperation Programme, and that this should be proposed to the Conference, following review by the CCLM (para 24 and 25).

Agreed that the most effective way of implementing decentralization was to upgrade FAO's representation at the country level, and agreed therefore with the proposed role and functions of Country Representatives as described in paras 5.13 and 5.14 of CL 69/2 (para. 28).

Authorized the Director-General to transfer up to $1 million from the Technical Cooperation Programme to expedite, if necessary, the new arrangements concerning decentralization (para. 29).

Agreed with the Director-General that his position was within the Consensus (para. 33).

Welcomed the proposals to reduce substantially the number of meetings and volume of documentation and suggested periodic further reviews of these (para. 36).

Endorsed the proposal to suspend activity on 94 publications and main documents (para. 37).

Agreed with the further steps being taken by the Director-General to review statutory bodies and meetings and publications financed by extra-budgetary resources and to eliminate or consolidate periodical and annual publications (para. 38).

Agreed with the overall approach to the review of programmes conducted by the Director-General (para. 39).

Agreed that the work which would still be carried out on PSWAD and IAA be transferred to the Office of the ADG, Economic and Social Policy Department, and the posts released in the Agriculture and Economic and Social Policy Departments be transferred to the Investment Centre for Investment work (para. 41).

Agreed that a unit to serve as the central point for the Technical Cooperation Programme be set up in the Field Programme Development Division (para. 43).

Requested the Director-General to continue Regular Programme financing of the central coordination and processing costs for AGRIS Level 1 and recommended the publication of Agrindex be continued pending the conclusion of efforts to find a suitable publisher for it (para. 45).

Agreed with the proposal to raise the Office of General Affairs and Information to the status of Department headed by an ADG (para. 48).

Endorsed the recommendation of the Programme and Finance Committees in paras 1.14 and 1.6 of CL 69/4 concerning the posts of ADG, Administration and Finance Department, and Director, Office of Programme and Budget (para. 49).

Endorsed the Director-General's proposals for upgradings (paras 51 and 52).

Approved other aspects, proposals and transfers involved in the Review of Programmes (Chapter VII of CL 69/2) (para. 53)

Concurred with the proposal to establish FAO Country Representative Offices fully funded by the FAO Regular Programme and fully under the authority of the Director-General and the FAO Governing Bodies (para. 54).

Approved the Director-General's proposals for a Technical Cooperation Programme (para. 54).

Agreed with the Director-General that the Organization should play a much more direct and active role to stimulate the flow of funds into the agricultural sector (para. 54).

Decided that, for the financial period 1976–77, the purposes for which Appropriations were voted by the Eighteenth Conference Session be revised (para. 54).

Recommended, for approval by the Conference, amendments to Financial Regulations 4.2 and 4.3, concerning the carry-over of Technical Cooperation Programme funds from their financial period to the next (para. 54).

Relations with the World Food Council, IFAD and CGFPI

Agreed that full financial responsibility for World Food Council meetings and for the functioning of its Secretariat should logically be borne by the United Nations (para. 56).

Decided to continue until the end of 1976 the present subsidy to the World Food Council (para. 57).

Requested the Director-General for the period from January 1977 onwards, to communicate to the Secretary-General of the United Nations the proposal of the Council that full financial responsibility for the WFC be assumed by the United Nations (para. 57).

Requested the Director-General to report to the November 1976 Council Session on the progress achieved in working out with the Secretary-General of the United Nations the stages by which the new arrangements for WFC could be implemented (para. 57).

Endorsed the proposal of the Director-General that $150 000 could be added to the contingencies provision in Chapter 8 of the 1976–77 Programme of Work and Budget, with regard to the substantive servicing which FAO would provide to the WFC (para. 58).

Felt that complementarity of action between the WFC and FAO could for the moment best be promoted by close consultation and cooperation at secretariat level (para. 59).

Decided to maintain the flexible arrangement established at its Sixty-Fifth Session for the submission of reports of FAO bodies to WFC (para.60).

Endorsed the proposals of the Director-General, contained in CL 69/5-Sup. 1, for handling the recommendations of WFC's Second Session of direct concern to FAO (para. 61).

Requested that a fuller report on the results of the WFC's Second Session be submitted to the November 1976 Council Session (para 61).

Authorized the Director-General to make available his support to the Preparatory Commission and subsequently to the Management of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) (para. 63).

Authorized the Director-General to make available as an interim measure and at appropriate terms space and other services to IFAD, if so requested (para. 64).

Requested the Director-General to report fully to the November 1976 Council Session on the discussion on the future of the Consultative Group on Food Production and Investment which would take place at the Third CGFPI Session in September 1976 (paras 67 and 68).

Establishment of an International Agricultural Commodity Agency

Agreed that adequate provision had been made for action towards the objectives of FAO Conference Resolution 8/75 on the establishment of an international agricultural commodity agency (para. 81).

Applications for membership: Angola, Mozambique

Authorized the Director-General to invite Angola and Mozambique to participate in an observer capacity at appropriate Council meetings, as well as at regional and technical meetings of the Organization of interest to them, pending a decision by the Conference on their applications for membership in the Organization (para. 83)

Study on the Composition and Terms of Reference of the Council, Programme Committee, Finance Committee and the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters

Stressed the desirability for the Working Party on the Composition and Terms of Reference of the Council, Programme Committee, Finance Committee and CCLM to focus on means to achieve a better functioning of the Council itself, the Programme Committee, the Finance Committee and the CCLM in the light of the evolution of the structure of the Organization and its needs (para 86).

Date and Place of the Seventieth Session of the Council

Decided that its Seventieth Session should be convened in Rome from 29 November to 10 December 1976 (para 88).

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