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CL 69/1Agenda
CL 69/1(a)Annotated Agenda
CL 69/2Review of the Programmes, Structures and Policies of the Organization in the Light of the Conference Deliberations: Proposals by the Director-General
CL 69/2-Corr. 1 (E only)Corrigendum to document
CL 69/2-Corr. 2 (F only)Corrigendum to document
CL 69/2-Corr. 3 (S only)Corrigendum to document
CL 69/2-Sup. 1List of Publications, Main Documents, and Major Working Papers Proposed for issue in 1976–77
CL 69/2-Sup. 2List of Sessions of FAO Commissions, Committees and Working Parties, Panels of Experts and Conferences and Consultations under the Regular Programme in 1976–77
CL 69/2-Sup. 2-Corr. 1-Rev. 1Corrigendum to document
CL 69/3Report of the Thirty-Sixth Session of the Finance Committee
 (Rome, 11–12 December 1975)
CL 69/4Report of the Joint Meeting of the Programme and Finance Committees; Report of the Thirtieth Session of the Programme Committee (Rome, 19–31 May 1976); Report of the Thirty-Seventh Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, 19–31 May 1976)
CL 69/4-Corr. 1 (F only)Corrigendum to document
CL 69/4-Corr. 2 (E, S only)Corrigendum to document
CL 69/5Relations with the World Food Council
CL 69/5-Sup. 1Results of Second Session of the World Food Council
CL 69/6Relations between FAO and IFAD
CL 69/7Relations with CGFPI
CL 69/INF/Series 
CL 69/INF/1Provisional Timetable for the Session
CL 69/INF/2-Rev. 1Provisional List of Delegates and Observers
CL 69/INF/3No document
CL 69/INF/4Information for Delegates and Observers
CL 69/INF/5Opening Statement by Dr. Edouard Saouma, Director-General, to the Sixty-Ninth Session of the FAO Council,
 Rome, 12 July 1976
CL 69/INF/6Implementation of Decisions Taken at the Sixty-Eighth
 Council Session
CL 69/INF/7No document
CL 69/INF/8Study of the Composition and Temrs of Reference of the Council, Programme Committee, Finance Committee, and Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters
CL 69/INF/9No document
CL 69/INF/10Consensus Approved by the Governing Council
CL 60/INF/11Information on the Regular Programmes of Technical Assistance of the Specialized Agencies and the IAEA in 1975
CL 69/INF/12Coherence of the United Nations Development System
CL 69/INF/13Address by Mr. Bradford Morse, UNDP Administrator (14 July 1976)
CL 69/OD/Series 
CL 69/OD/1 to CL 69/OD/5First to Fifth Order of the Day
CL 69/REP/Series 
CL 69/REP/1 and
CL 69/REP/1-Corr. 1 (S only) to
CL 69/REP/4
Draft Report of Plenary
CL 69/PV/Series 
CL 69/PV/1 to CL 69/PV/9First to Ninth Verbatim Records of the Council

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