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1. The Fifty-Sixth Session of the Council was held in Rome from 7 to 18 June 1971, under the Chairmanship of M. Cépède.

Statement by the Director-General1

2. The Council heard an introductory statement by the Director-General, the text of which may be found in Appendix D to this Report.

Adoption of the Agenda1

3. The Agenda of the Session as adopted is set out in Appendix A to this Report.

Election of Vice-Chairman and Appointment of Drafting Committee1

4. The Council elected Filip Tomulescu (Romania) and Antoine Meatchi (Togo) as First Vice-Chairman and Second Vice-Chairman respectively.

5. The Council elected Julius A. Eweka (Nigeria) as Rapporteur and Chairman of the Drafting Committee. The members elected to the Drafting Committee were Argentina, Canada, Germany (Federal Republic of), Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Upper Volta.

Tribute to Rulon Gibb2

6. The Council paid tribute to the memory of Rulon Gibb of the United States of America, Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee since 1962, who had died in March 1971. He was a man of great ability who had rendered very valuable services to the Finance Committee in particular, and to the Organization in general.

1 CL 56/PV-1.
2 CL 56/PV-2.

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