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CL 60/1Agenda
CL 60/1(a)Provisional Annotated Agenda
CL 60/2Summary Programme of Work and Budget, 1974–75
CL 60/2-ANNEXAnnex to the Summary Programme of Work and Budget, 1974–75
CL 60/2-ANNEX-Corr. (Spanish only)Corrigendum to above
CL 60/2-Add.1Addendum to Summary Programme of Work and Budget, 1974–75
CL 60/3Report of the Joint Meeting of the Programme and Finance Committees (4 April 1973) Report of the Twenty-Third Session of the Programme Committee (26 March – 6 April 1973) Report of the Twenty-Ninth Session of the Finance Committee (2 – 13 April 1973)
CL 60/4Report of the Twenty-Seventh Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (CCLM)
CL 60/5Report of the Eighth Session of the Committee on Fisheries (COFI)
CL 60/6Eleventh Annual Report of the United Nations/ FAO Intergovernmental Committee of the World Food Programme
CL 60/7Second Report of the Unscheduled Sessions of FAO Bodies in the 1972–73 Biennium
CL 60/8Scale of Contributions 1974–75
CL 60/9(a)UN Joint Inspection Unit Report - Communications in the United Nations System (JIU/REP/72/7)
CL 60/9(b)UN Joint Inspection Unit Report - The Utilization of Shipping (FAO) (JIU/REP/72/9)
CL 60/9(c)UN Joint Inspection Unit Report - Introduction of Cost Accounting in the Organizations of the United Nations Family (JIU/REP/72/10)
CL 60/10Provisional Agenda for the Second Session of the Committee on Agriculture
CL 60/11Proposal by the Director-General on International Action to Assure Adequate Basic Food Stocks
CL 60/12Measures to Strengthen FAO's Structure in the Field of Rural Development Particularly Agrarian Reform
CL 60/13Matters Arising out of the UN General Assembly, ECOSOC, ACC and UNDP Governing Council
CL 60/14Follow-Up of the UN Conference on the Human Environment - Stockholm, June 1972
CL 60/15Report of the Review Committee Appointed to Review and Advise on the Programme and Activities of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Atomic Energy in Food and Agriculture
CL 60/16FAO/UNDP Cooperation (Developments in UNDP Agency Overhead Costs)
CL 60/16-Add.1Addendum to above
CL 60/17Proposal for a Permanent FAO Activity Dedicated to the Memory of the Late Lord Boyd Orr (Conference Resolution 1/71)
CL 60/18International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGRIS)
CL 60/19Arrangements for the seventeenth session of the Conference
CL 60/19-Corr.1 (French only)Corrigendum to above
CL 60/20 (Spanish only)Draft Relationship Agreement Between FAO and the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas
CL 60/20 Rev.1 (English and French only)Revision to above
CL 60/21Date for Nominations for Independent Chairman of the Council
CL 60/22Methods of Work of the Council
CL 60/23Increase in the Number of Council Seats
CL 60/24Appointment of Replacement of Member Government Representative to the Staff Pension Committee
CL 60/25Status and Role of Permanent Representatives
CL 60/26FAO/UNCTAD Cooperation on Commodity Consultations
CL 60/INF Series 
CL 60/INF/1Information to Delegates and Observers
CL 60/INF/2-Rev.1Timetable for the Session
CL 60/INF/3Opening Statement by the Director-General
CL 60/INF/4-Rev. 2Provisional List of Delegates and Observers
CL 60/INF/5List of Documents
CL 60/INF/6Rules Applicable to Council Procedures
CL 60/INF/7Implementation of Decisions taken at the Fifty-Ninth Council Session
CL 60/INF/8List of Preparatory Documents and Dates of Dispatch from Rome
CL 60/INF/9Statement by the Director-General to the Committee-of-The-Whole, 12 June 1973
CL 60/INF/10Timetable for Intensive Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Consultations on Commodities in Connection with Access to Markets and Pricing Policy in Pursuance of Conference Resolution 83 (III) and Committee on Commodities Resolution 7 (VII) (Falling within the Purview of FAO)
CL 60/INF/11Statement by the Director-General to the FAO Council Introducing His Proposal on International Action to Assure Adequate Basic Food Stocks, 13 June 1973
CL 60/INF/12Draft Agreement for the Establishment of a Regional Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia, the Far East and the South-West Pacific
CL 60/LIM Series 
CL 60/LIM/1Financial Position of the Organization
CL 60/LIM/2Invitations to Non-Member Nations to Attend FAO Sessions
CL 60/LIM/3Criteria for the Formulation of Resolutions of the Conference
CL 60/LIM/4Staff Council Elections
CL 60/LIM/4-Corr.1Corrigendum to above
CL 60/LIM/5Sahelian Relief Operation
CL 60/LIM/5-Corr.1 (Spanish only)Corrigendum to above
CL 60/OD Series 
CL 60/OD/1 to CL 60/OD/10First to Tenth Orders of the Day
CL 60/REP Series 
CL 60/CW/REP/1Draft Report of the Committee-of-the-Whole 
CL 60/CW/REP/2
CL 60/REP/1 
CL 60/REP/1-Corr. 1 
CL 60/REP/2Draft Report of the Council
CL 60/REP/3 
CL 60/REP/4 
CL 60/PV/1 to CL 60/PV/18First to Eighteenth Verbatim Records of the Council

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