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Programme Objective, Programme or Sub-Programme Session No., Title and JustificationEstimated Cost $Art. of Constitution and CategoryAttendance 873-Meeting of National Rapporteurs on Organizational Forms in European Agriculture1 700VI-5 (2)Member Nations in Region
- Recommended under Resolution 3/71 of 16th Session of the Conference (ESH)827-Unesco International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)1 416-Participants in Unesco Internship Programme
- Forms part of activities of FAO following agreement drawn up in 1968 between DGs of FAO, Unesco and ILO. Omitted From official list by oversight 874-Board of the ECA Working Party on Home Economics (Fifth Session)  100VI-1 (2)Members of Board
- Recommended by ECA Working Party on Home Economics 816-Expert Consultation on Agricultural Credit in Africa  300VI-4 (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
- In substitution of AGS 819 (Expert Consultation on Agricultural Credit in Near East) 867-Expert Consultation on Seed Industry Development-VI-4 (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
- Convened on recommendation of COAG 804-Special Meeting of International Rice Commission (IRC)  500XIV (1)Members of IRC and Int. Orgs.
- Recommended by IRC, to amend Constitution and Rules of Procedure 891-Expert Consultation on Non-Tariff Trade Barriers against Meat and on Disease-Free Zones4 500VI-4 (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
- In substitution of AGA 805 and 808 (Expert Consultation on Non-Tariff Trade Barriers and Expert Consultation on Guidelines for Disease-Free Zones) 838-Expert Consultation on Fishery Management and Legislation in the Western Mediterranean1 150VI-4 (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
- Recommended by General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean (GFCM) 849-FAO/WHO Committee of Experts on Food Additives (Seventeenth Session)-VI-2 (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
- Recommended by WHO in consultation with FAO 873-Ad Hoc Consultation on International Plant Protection Convention4 200VI-5 (1)MNs and Int. Orgs.
- Recommended by Sixteenth Session of Conference 849-Consultation of Sisal and Henequen Exporting Countries4 200V (1)Selected MNs
- Recommended by Intergovernmental Group on Hard Fibres to stabilize the market 850-Intergovernmental Group on Tea, Sub-Group of Exporters (Sixth Session)2 500V (1)Members of Sub-Group
- Recommended by CCP 851-Intergovernmental Group on Tea, Sub-Group on Promotion (Second Session)1 700V (1)Members of Sub-Group
- Recommended by CCP
3.2DDA 816-Consultation Between FAO, Donor Governments and Recipient Governments on drought situation in the Sahelian Area  900VI-5 (1)Selected MNs and Int. Orgs.
- Emergency drought situation made this session necessary
3.2DDA 817--Second Consultation on Measures to alleviate the Sahelian Zone Drought Situation  450VI-5 (1)Selected MNs and Int. Orgs.
- To further discuss measures to alleviate situation after visit of Director-General's Special Representative to drought-stricken area
4.2CX 839-Codex Committee on Natural Mineral Waters (Fifth Session)-VI-1 (2)MNs of FAO and WHO
- To elaborate standards
4.2CX 840-IOOC/Codex Meeting on the Standardization of Table Olives2 000VI-1 (2)MNs of FAO, WHO and IOOC
- To finalize standards for table olives
5.3GIL 804-Panel of Experts on AGRIS (Sixth Session)-VI-4 (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
- Further development of AGRIS recommended by Sixteenth Session of the Conference



Programme Objective Programme or Sub-Programme Session No. and TitleEstimated Cost $Reason for Cancellation
1.3.1DDL  801Joint FAO/UNICEF Policy Committee (Seventh Session)2 200Postponed to next biennium as no policy matters to be discussed  803Expert Consultation on New Forms of Land Tenure in the Near East  300Lack of funds 819
(ex-ESR 819)    
Expert Consultation on Agricultural Credit in the Near East  300Replaced by unscheduled session: AGS 816 (Expert Consultation on Agricultural Credit in Africa)  812Expert Consultation on Establishment of Guidelines for Rural Youth and Agricultural Extension in Asia and the Far East1 150Lack of funds    829FAO/IUSF Seminar on Non-Formal Forestry Education  200Lack of funds 809Panel of Experts on Dairy Education and Training (Fourth Session)  450Lack of funds 802Seminar on Medium and Small Scale Hides and Skins Processing in Latin America1 540Lack of funds 802Expert Consultation on Rangeland Shrubs  100Lack of funds   828Panel of Experts on Forest Gene Resources (Third Session)  843Postponed to bext biennium in order to hold concurrently with FO 826 (see below)   822FAO/ECE/ILO Committee on Forest Working Techniques and Training of Forest Workers (Tenth Session)  150Postponed to 1974 at request of ECE 834Protein Advisory Group of the United Nations System (Twenty-Second Session)1 000Sessions reduced from three to two during biennium in order to effect economies 808Expert Consultation of Representatives of Regional Plant Protection Organizations  200Lack of funds 814FAO Committee of Experts on Pesticides in Agriculture (Ninth Session)  200Lack of funds 801Panel of Experts on Livestock Infertility  450Lack of funds 808Expert Consultation on Guidelines for Disease-Free Zones5 550Replaced by unscheduled session: AGA 891 (Expert Consultation on Non-Tariff Trade Barriers against Meat and on Disease-Free Zones) 832Sub-group on Hard Fibres (Fourteenth Session)4 200Sub-group merged with Intergovernmental Group, which will hold sessions   814Intergovernmental Consultation on National Parks and Wildlife Management in Asia/Pacific Region1 500Subject matter included in agenda of FO 811 817FAO Technical Working Party on Coconut Production, Protection and Processing4 000Postponed to 1974 because many participants could not attend   809Seminar on Market Pulp Demand and Supply1 100Subject matter included in Agenda of FO 812 805Expert Consultation on Non-Tariff Barriers in Meat Trade3 450Replaced by unscheduled session: AGA 891 (Expert Consultation on Non- Tariff Trade Barriers against Meat and on Disease-Free Zones) 805Seventh FAO Agricultural Planning Course91 450  Postponed to next biennium owing to budgetary restrictions 843Expert Consultation on Projections Methodology10 600Was only to be held if funds became available and they did not 802FAO/IASI Sub-Committee of COINS on Agricultural Statistics (Eighth Session)1 600Cancelled at request of IASI and COINS  826Committee on Forest Development in the Tropics (Third Session)2 620Postponed to next biennium to serve as preparation for World Consultation on Development of Humid Tropical Forests    857Carpas Working Party on Fishery Statistics  300Insufficient statistical data available at present
4.2CX   823Codex Committee on Sugars (Sixth Session)-Postponed to next biennium as a result of decisions taken at 9th Session of Codex Alimentarius Commission
4.2CX   824Codex Cttee. on Pesticide Residues (Seventh Session)-
4.2CX   830Codex Cttee. on Foods for Special Dietary Uses (Eighth Session)-

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