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Whereas the Constitution of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (hereinafter referred to as FAO) provides that the Organization may enter into agreements with other intergovernmental organizations with related activities in order to define methods of cooperation;

Whereas the Convention establishing the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (hereinafter referred to as ICCAT) provides for the conclusion of an agreement between ICCAT and FAO;

FAO and ICCAT have agreed as follows:

Article 1 - Purpose of the Agreement

The purpose of the Agreement is to ensure cooperation between FAO and ICCAT by consultation, coordination of effort, mutual assistance and joint action in fields of common interest in accordance with the objectives and principles of FAO and ICCAT, in particular in regard to the collection and analysis of statistics, stock assessment and the formulation of conservation and management measures relating to tuna and tuna-like fishes of the Atlantic Ocean.

Article 2 - Reciprocal representation

1. ICCAT shall be invited to send Observers to sessions of the FAO Committee on Fisheries and its subsidiary bodies, and to sessions of the Conference and Council and other meetings of FAO when they deal with matters relating to conservation and management of the living resources of the sea.

2. FAO shall be invited to send a representative to all meetings of ICCAT and its subsidiary bodies. Such representative, who may be accompanied by experts and advisers, shall not have the right to vote.

Article 3 - Exchange of information and documents

1. Subject to such arrangements as may be necessary for the safeguarding of confidential material, FAO and ICCAT shall arrange for the fullest exchange of information and documents concerning matters of common interest.

2. The Director-General of FAO and the Executive Secretary of ICCAT, or their authorized representatives, shall, upon the request of either Party, consult with each other regarding the provision by either Party of such special information as may be of interest to the other Party.

Article 4 - Cooperation and Consultation

FAO and ICCAT agree that with a view to facilitating the effective attainment of the objectives set forth in the Constitution of FAO and the Convention establishing ICCAT, they will act in close cooperation with each other and will consult each other regularly in regard to matters of common interest. In particular, each Party shall inform the other at an early stage of any plans for the development of its activities whenever this is required to secure effective coordination and to avoid duplication of effort.

Article 5 - Technical Cooperation

1. Whenever desirable, ICCAT and FAO may each seek the other's technical cooperation with a view to promoting the development of activities in the field of mutual concern.

2. Every effort shall be made to meet any request for technical cooperation. Any such technical cooperation shall be provided in a manner to be agreed between the Parties.

Article 6 - Joint Action

1. ICCAT and FAO may, through their competent organs, conclude special agreements or arrangements for joint action with a view to attaining objectives of common interest.

2. These agreements or arrangements shall define the manner and extent of participation by each Party and shall specify the financial commitment, if any, that each is to assume.

3. ICCAT and FAO may set up joint committees or working parties to consider matters of mutual interest.

Article 7 - Proposals for the inclusion of agenda items

Subject to such preliminary consultation as may be necessary, ICCAT may propose the inclusion of items on the provisional agenda of the FAO Committee on Fisheries or of its subsidiary bodies. FAO may propose the inclusion of items on the provisional agenda of the meetings of ICCAT and of its subsidiary bodies. Proposals for the inclusion of items shall be accompanied by an explanatory memorandum.

Article 8 - Entry into Force

This Agreement shall come into force on its approval by ICCAT and by the FAO Council, subject to confirmation by the FAO Conference.

Article 9 - Modification and Denunciation

1. This Agreement may be amended by mutual consent of the Parties.

2. Either of the Parties may terminate this Agreement by giving six months' written notice to the other Party.

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