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1. The Sixty-Second Session of the Council was held in Rome on 29 and 30 November 1973, under the Chairmanship of G. Bula Hoyos.

Adoption of the Agenda1

2. The Agenda of the Session as adopted is set out in Appendix A to this report.

Election of Vice-Chairmen2

3. The Council elected Z. Behravesh (Iran) and R. Pasquier (Switzerland) as First Vice-Chairman and Second Vice-Chairman respectively.

Tribute to A.G. Orbaneja3

4. The Council paid tribute to A.G. Orbaneja, Secretary-General of the Conference and Council, who would be retiring in the spring of 1974 after 24 years of service with the Organization.

5. The Council then adopted the following resolution:

Resolution 1/62



Noting that Mr. Antonio Gomez Orbaneja is retiring from the Organization in the spring of 1974 after 24 years of service in FAO,

Mindful of his valuable assistance as Secretary-General of the Council since 1970,

Appreciating unanimously his merits and the many services he has rendered to the Organization over the years, especially to the Council and Conference,

1. Declares that Mr. Antonio Orbaneja has served the Organization and its aims with the highest competence and dedication,

2. Expresses its thanks to him and extends its heartiest best wishes for his future happiness and success.

Tribute to R.C. Fortunescu4

6. The Council paid tribute to Radu C. Fortunescu, Chief of the Liaison and Protocol Branch, who would be retiring from active service in the Organization in 1974. He had joined the International Institute of Agriculture in 1933, and FAO in 1947. The Council expressed sincere appreciation for these 27 years of continuous service in the Organization, first in the field of forestry and ending in the Secretariat of the Conference and Council, which constituted an outstanding record of devotion to the purposes of FAO.

1 CL 62/1
2 CL 62/PV/1
3 CL 62/PV/2
4 CL 62/PV/2

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