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Nutrition: Terms of Reference and Membership of the Committee on Food and Nutrition Policies1

12. On the basis of the document CL 62/3, the Council noted the decision of the Conference to convert the former Ad Hoc Committee on Increasing the Production and Use of Edible Proteins into an “Ad Hoc Commitee on Food and Nutrition Policies”, with broader terms of reference

13. The Council agreed that:

  1. the Committee should put emphasis on policy and be open to all members of the Council;

  2. the Committee should convene immediately prior to Council sessions, for a period of two to three days according to the Agenda, and that its First Session should be held prior to the Council session in November 1974;

  3. the terms of reference should be defined by the Committee itself, on the basis of the recommendations of the Conference, and be submitted to the Council for approval;

  4. the selection of items for the Committee's agenda should be decided by the Committee and the Director-General.

14. The Council suggested that the following four items might be included in the Agenda of the Committee's First Session:

  1. definition of the Committee's terms of reference;
  2. assessment of the World Food and Nutrition situation;
  3. consideration of a Nutrition Planning Scheme to develop an integrated approach and coordinate nutrition activities within FAO;
  4. implications for FAO's work of the deliberations of the World Food Conference.

15. In view of the general consensus that this Committee deal with policies in food and nutrition, the Council recommended that the Committee should not consist solely of nutrition experts but that Member Governments should consider the possibility of including such experts on their delegations.

1 CL 62/3, CL 62/PV/2.

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