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Invitations to International Non-Governmental Organizations which do not have Status with FAO1

189. The Council took note of the report listing those international non-governmental organizations without status that had been invited to specific FAO meetings in the course of the biennium.

1 CL 61/19 and CL 61/PV/7.

Methods of Work of the Council

190. The Council recalled that at its Sixtieth Session it had requested the Programme and Finance Committees to make specific proposals for the delegation of authority by the Council to the Committees for the purpose of saving Council sessional time on matters of detail and routine. 1

191. The Council was informed that it was intended that this matter should be considered by the Committees at their 1974 Spring sessions.

Date and Place of the Sixty-Second Session of the Council2

192. The Council decided that its Sixty-Second Session would be convened in Rome on Friday 30 November 1973.

1 CL 60/REP, para. 172.

2 CL 61/PV/7.

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