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Programme Objective, Programme or Sub-Programme  Session No., Title and JustificationEstimated Cost $Art. of Constitution and CategoryAttendance 878-Second Consultation between Trade Union Organizations and FAO on Rural Employment and Development2 124- (3)NGOs and Int. Orgs.
   -Convened as a result of recommendation of the Second World Food Congress 819-Advisory Working Party on Hard Fibre Research (Fourth Session)2 400V-6 (1)Members of the Working Party
   -Recommended by parent body - Inter-governmental Group on Hard Fibres 847-Expert Consultation on the Preparation of the Technical Conference on the Tropical Moist Forest-planning meeting2 600VI-4 (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
   -Necessary for planning and organization of the technical conference to be held next biennium 863-Expert Consultation on the Symposium on Aquaculture in Latin America -VI-4 (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
   -Necessary for planning and organization of a Symposium to be held next biennium 890-Consultation on the Protection of Living Resources and Fisheries from Pollution in the Mediterranean4 500VI-5 (2)Selected MNs and Int. Orgs.
   -Recommended by General Fisheries Council of the Mediterranean 899-IPFC Working Party on Economic and Social Aspects of National Fisheries Planning and Development (Second session)-XIV (3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
   -Recommended by Fiftieth Session of IPFC Executive Committee 820-Ad Hoc Government Consultation on Fertilizers3 300VI-5(2)Mns and Int. Orgs.
   -Recommended by Sixtieth Session of Council 852-Ad Hoc Governmental Consultation on Tobacco2 300V-6 (1)Mns and Int. Orgs.
   -Recommended by CCP and in substitution of ESC 842 (Second Consultation on Pepper) 853-Intergovernmental Group on Cocoa, Sub-Group on Statistics (Thirty-Fourth Session)1 770V-6 (1)Members of Sub-Group
   -To forecast production and grindings and contribute to stabilizing the cocoa market 854-Ad Hoc Consultation on World Grains Situation1 700VI-5(1)Mns and Int. Orgs.
   -Convened by Director-General owing to emergency grains situation   
3.2CC 869-Consultation on Measures to Alleviate the Drought Situation in the Sahelian Zone  700VI-5(1)Selected Mns and NGOs
   -Emergency drought situation in the Sahelian Zone   
5.3GIL 805-Agris Level 1 - Implementation Advisory Group (Fourth Session)   
 GIL 806-Expert Consultation on AGRIS and the Developing Countries2 950VI-4(3)Individuals selected in personal capacity
  -Recommended by Resolution 4/71 of the Sixteenth FAO Conference   



Programme Objective, Programme or Sub-Programme  Session No. and TitleEstimated Cost $Reason for Cancellation 804
(ex-ESR 804)
-Ad Hoc Consultation on Training in Agricultural Development Administration - East Africa   300Adequate preparation not possible because of need for economies 821
(ex-ESR 821)
-Ad Hoc Consultation on Training in Agricultural Development Administration - Latin America   300 820
(ex-ESR 820)
-Expert Consultation on African Farmers' and Rural Organizations6 000IFAP (Int. Fed. of Agr. Producers) will organize this session next biennium with FAO's collaboration 818
(ex-ESR 818)
-FAO Expert Consultation on Agricultural Credit in Asia and the Far East1 150Lack of Funds. May be held next biennium with extra-budgetary funds 816
(ex-ESR 816)
-Expert Consultation on Organization of Training Programmes in Marketing in Africa   300Lack of time and personnel to adequately prepare 801-Joint FAO/WHO/OAU Food and Nutrition Commission for Africa (First Session) 5 300Sponsoring organizations consider preparations cannot be finalized this biennium 802-FAO Food and Nutrition Commission for the Near East (First Session) 2 150Cancelled because up to August 1973 only 7 out of the 21 countries in the region had accepted the Statutes of the Commission 806
(ex-ESR 806)
-Joint Session of ECA Working Party on Agrarian Structure (Fifth Session) and ECA Working Party on Rural Sociological Problems (Fifth Session) 3 400Postponed to next biennium, when European Case Studies (main item for discussion) will be completed 807-Ad Hoc Consultation on Fertilizer Use Development-Replaced by Unscheduled Session AGS 820 (Ad Hoc Government Consultation on Fertilizer) 801-Expert Consultation on the Application of Remote Sensing  1 960Lack of funds 810-Animal Production and Health Commission in the Near East (Third Session) 10 400 Lack of funds 811-Expert Consultation on the Use of Agricultural By-products in Animal Feeding    300Lack of funds 839-Intergovernmental Group on Tea (Fourth Session) 4 200Postponed to next biennium after informal discussions with exporting and importing countries 842-Second Consultation on Pepper  4 200Replaced by Unscheduled Session ESC 852 (Ad Hoc Government Consultation on Tobacco) 804
(ex-ESE 804)
-Conference on Economic Policies for Agriculture in Latin America 1 500Organization problems 804-FAO/ECE/CES Study Group on Food and Agricultural Statistics in Europe    100Postponed to next biennium at the request of ECE/CES 811-Study Grants to participants in National Demonstration Centres on Integrated Programme of Agricultural Census and Surveys17 175 Lack of funds 816-GFCM Working Party on Utilization and Marketing of Fish and Fishery Products   175Lack of funds 819-CARPAS Working Party on Biological Research and Evaluation of Fishery Resources   250Postponed to next biennium to allow more time for preparation and fuller analysis of data by CARPAS members 840-Expert Consultation on the Introduction of Exotic Species   200Lack of funds 861-Coordinating Working Party on Atlantic Fishery Statistics (CWP) (Eighth Session)   600Postponed to next biennium, when more data will be available.
4.1FFH 802-Latin American Regional Workshop2 045Cancelled at request of host government
4.1FFH 804-Near East Regional Workshop1 645Postponed to allow more preparation in the Region
4.1FFH 805-African Regional Workshop1 170Postponed at request of host government
4.1FFH 806-Sixth FAO/Action for Development Conference4 250Fifth FFH Conference recommended increasing interval between sessions
4.1FFH 808-Advisory Group on Youth Programmes (Third Session)2 960No longer necessary as work can be implemented at national and sub-regional level
4.2CX 839-Codex Committee on Natural Mineral Waters (Fifth Session)-Postponed at request of governments

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