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CL 64/1Provisional Agenda
CL 64/1(a)Provisional Annotated Agenda
CL 64/2State of Food and Agriculture 1974
CL 64/2-Corr.1
(Spanish only)
CL 64/2-Sup.1Supplement
CL 64/3Report of the Twenty-Fifth Session of the Programme Committee
CL 64/4Report of the Second Session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO)
CL 64/5Report of the Thirty-Second Session of the Finance Committee
CL 64/5-Corr.1Corrigendum
CL 64/6Report of the Ninth Session of the Committee on Fisheries (COFI)
CL 64/6-Corr.1Corrigendum
CL 64/7Report of the Twenty-Sixth Session of the Programme Committee
CL 64/8Report of the Forty-Ninth Session of the Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP)
CL 64/9Outline for Medium-Term Objectives
CL 64/10International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGRIS)
CL 64/10-Corr.1
(English only)
CL 64/11Progress Report on the International Fertilizer Supply Scheme
CL 64/11-Sup.1Supplement to above
CL 64/11-Sup.1-Corr.1Corrigendum
CL 64/11.Sup.1-Corr.2Corrigendum
CL 64/12International Board for Plant Genetic Resources
CL 64/13Measures to Protect Europe Against Exotic Virus Diseases
CL 64/14Sahelian Emergency Relief Operation of the U.N. System
CL 64/14-Corr.1Corrigendum
CL 64/15Decolonization-Assistance to African Liberation Movements
CL 64/16First Report on Unscheduled Sessions of FAO Bodies in the 1974–75 Biennium
CL 64/17Twelfth Annual Report of the UN/FAO Intergovernmental Committee of the World Food Programme
CL 64/18Report of the Twenty-Ninth Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (CCLM)
CL 64/19Role, Functions and Composition of the Council
CL 64/20Date for Nominations for the Office of Director-General
CL 64/21Sixth Report of the Activities of the Joint Inspection Unit, July 1973 – June 1974
CL 64/22Progress Report on the International Civil Service Commission
CL 64/23Inter-Agency Relations and Consultations on Matters of Common Interest - Matters Arising out of the UN General Assembly, ECOSOC and ACC
CL 64/24World Population Conference (Bucharest, Romania, 19–30 August 1974) Follow-up Action by FAO
CL 64/25Appointment of Members to the FAO Staff Pension Committee
CL 64/26UN Joint Inspection Unit Report - Medium-Term Planning in the United Nations System (JIU/REP/74/1
CL 64/27World Food Security: Evaluation of World Cereals Stock Situation
CL 64/28Programme and Financial Adjustment for 1974–75
CL 64/28-Corr.1
(English only)
CL 64/28-Sup. 1Supplement
CL 64/29Implementation by FAO of the Declaration and Programme of Action on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order
CL 64/29-Corr.1
(French only)
CL 64/30Report on Preparations for the UN Water Conference to be held in Buenos Aires in 1977
CL 64/INF/Series 
CL 64/INF/1Provisional Timetable for the Session
CL 64/INF/2-Rev.2Provisional List of Delegates and Observers
CL 64/INF/3List of Preparatory Documents and Dates of Dispatch from Rome
CL 64/INF/4Information for Delegates and Observers
CL 64/INF/5Implementation of Decisions taken at the Sixty-Third Council Session
CL 64/INF/6Opening Statement by A.H. Boerma, Director-General, to the Sixty-Fourth Session of the FAO Council - Rome, 18 November 1974
CL 64/INF/6-Corr.1Corrigendum
CL 64/INF/7Election of Four Members of the Intergovernmental Committee of the World Food Programme
CL 64/INF/8Pulp and Paper Shortage: Position Report
CL 64/INF/9Summary of Recommendations of the 1974 Regional Conferences
CL 64/INF/10Status and Role of Permanent Representatives
CL 64/INF/10-Sup.1Supplement to above
CL 64/INF/11Cooperation Between WFP and OAU/African Liberation Movements and Possible Changes in WFP's General Regulations (Extract from Draft Report of Twenty-Sixth Session of the IGC)
CL 64/INF/12Resolution Adopted by the Committees of the World Food Conference
CL 64/INF/12-Corr.1
(Spanish only)
CL 64/INF/12-Corr.2
(French only)
CL 64/INF/13Revised Timetable for the Session from 22–29 November 1974
CL 64/INF/14FAO Preliminary Report on the Pesticide Supply/ Demand Situation
CL 64/INF/15Pulp and Paper Shortage - Text of a Resolution Approved by Unesco - General Conference, Eighteenth Session, Paris, 1974
CL 64/INF/16List of Documents
CL 64/INF/17Recruitment of General Service Staff (Roll call vote on one proposed addition)
CL 64/LIM/Series 
CL 64/LIM/1Financial Position of the Organization
CL 64/LIM/2Invitations to Non-Member Nations to Attend FAO Sessions
CL 64/LIM/3Extracts from World Food Conference Resolutions Requiring Action by FAO
CL 64/LIM/3-Corr.1
(French only)
Corrigendum to above
CL 64/LIM/3-Corr.2
(Spanish only)
CL 64/LIM/4World Food Conference: Follow-up Action by FAO
CL 64/LIM/5World Food Security: Draft Resolution on International Undertaking on World Food Security
CL 64/LIM/6Question on the Constitutionality of Staff Rule 302.40643
CL 64/LIM/7Statement by F. Aquino, Executive Director of the World Food Programme to the Sixty-Fourth Session of the Council on 22 November 1974.
CL 64/LIM/8Preliminary Brief Outline of Probable Shape of the Programme of Work and Budget 1976–77
CL 64/LIM/8-Corr.1Corrigendum
CL 64/LIM/9Personnel Matters: Staff Relations - Amendments to the Staff Regulations Concerning Staff Representation
CL 64/LIM/10Methodology of Salary Survey for General Service Staff (Draft Terms of Reference for the Finance Committee)
CL 64/LIM/11World Food Conference: Follow-up action by FAO (Draft resolution to be considered by the Drafting Committee)
CL 64/REP/Series 
CL 64/CW/REP/1Draft Report of the Committee-of-the-Whole
CL 64/CW/REP/2
CL 64/CW/REP/3
CL 64/CW/REP/3-Corr.1
CL 64/CW/REP/4
CL 64/REP/1Draft Report of Plenary
CL 64/REP/2
CL 64/REP/3
CL 64/REP/4
CL 64/OD/Series 
CL 64/OD/1 to 64/OD/10First to Tenth Order of the Day of the Council.
CL 64/PV/Series 
CL 64/PV/1First to Nineteenth Verbatim Records of the Council.
CL 64/PV/19
CL 64/CW/PV/11Verbatim Record of the Eleventh Meeting of the Committee-of-the-Whole

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