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Draft Strategy on International Agricultural Adjustment 1

79. The Sixty-Fourth Session of the Council had asked the Director-General to begin preparations for convening in May 1975 an ad hoc Working Party open to all Member Nations to consider the Director-General's draft text on the proposed Strategy for International Agricultural Adjustment. It had also decided that at its March 1975 Session, it should consider whether a session of the CCP might instead be convened to usefully examine its future functions and those of the CCP subsidiary bodies in the light of developments flowing from the World Food Conference. If so, the CCP session would also discuss the proposed Strategy.

80. The Council considered that it would be premature to convene the CCP in May 1975. Instead it requested the Director-General to convene an ad hoc Working Party in Rome from 26 to 30 May 1975.

Application for Membership: Grenada 2

81. The Council was informed that Grenada had applied for admission to membership in the Organization.

82. Pending a decision by the Conference on this application, the Council, acting in pursuance of Rule XXV-11 GRO and paras B-1, B-2 and B-5 of the “Statement of Principles on the Granting of Observer Status to Nations”, 3 authorized the Director-General to invite Grenada to participate in an observer capacity at appropriate Council meetings, as well as at regional and technical meetings of the Organization of interest to it.

Date and Place of the Sixty-Sixth Session of the Council 3

83. The Council decided that its Sixty-Sixth Session should be convened in Rome, from 9 to 20 June 1975.

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