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CL 65/1-Rev.1Provisional Agenda
CL 65/1(a)Provisional Annotated Agenda
CL 65/2Report of the Joint Meeting of the Programme and Finance Committees (Twenty-Seventh Session of the Programme Committee and Thirty-Third Session of the Finance Committee) (15–24 January 1975)
 Report of the Thirty-Third Session of the Finance Committee (15–27 January 1975)
CL 65/3Outline of the Shape of the Programme of Work and Budget 1976–77
CL 65/4Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture: Proposed Working Arrangements
CL 65/5Effect on FAO of the Institutional Recommendations of the World Food Conference, and the Decisions Taken thereon by the Economic and Social Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations
CL 65/6The World Food Situation -- February 1975 Progress Report by the Director-General
CL 65/7Consultative Group on Food Production and Investment (CGFPI)- Summary Report of the Inter-Agency Planning Session, Washington, 3–10 February 1975
CL 65/INF/Series 
CL 65/INF/1Provisional Timetable
CL 65/INF/2-Rev.1Provisional List of Delegates and Observers
CL 65/INF/3List of Preparatory Documents and Dates of Dispatch from Rome
CL 65/INF/4Information for Delegates and Observers
CL 65/INF/5UN General Assembly Resolution 3348 (XXIX) on the World Food Conference
CL 65/INF/6Implementation of Decisions Taken at the Sixty-Fourth Council Session
CL 65/INF/7Membership of FAO Council and World Food Council
CL 65/INF/8Opening Statement by Dr. A.H. Boerma, Director-General, to the Sixty-Fifth Session of the FAO Council - Rome, 10 March 1975
CL 65/REP/Series 
CL 65/REP/1 Draft Report of the Council
CL 65/REP/2
CL 65/REP/3
CL 65/REP/4
CL 65/OD/Series 
CL 65/OD/1 to CL 65/OD/5First to Fifth Order of the Day of the Council
CL 65/PV/Series 
CL 65/PV/1 to CL 65/PV/9First to Ninth Verbatim Records of the Council

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