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CL 67/1Agenda
CL 67/1(a)-Rev.1Annotated Agenda
CL 67/2Report of the Joint Meeting of the Programme and Finance Committees; Report of the Twenty-Ninth Session of the Programme Committee (15–26 September 1975); Report of the Thirty-Fifth Session of the Finance Committee (15–26 September 1975)
CL 67/2-Corr.1 (English only)Corrigendum to above
CL 67/3Report of the Thirty-First Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (CCLM) (Rome, 8–10 October 1975)
CL 67/3-Sup.1Report of the Thirty-First Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (CCLM) (Rome, 22–23 October 1975)
CL 67/4Extract from the Report of the Fifteenth Session of the Committee on Commodity Problems
CL 67/5Target for WFP Pledges for the Period 1977–78
CL 67/6Proposed World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development - Progress Report
CL 67/7Programming of FAO Meetings, Translation and Distribution of Documents
CL 67/8Second Report on Unscheduled Sessions of FAO Bodies in the 1974–75 Biennium
CL 67/9Continuation of the Joint Inspection Unit
CL 67/9-Sup.1Supplement to above
CL 67/10Invitation to International Non-Governmental Organizations which do not have Status with FAO
CL 67/11Establishment of Joint FAO/ECE Working Parties
CL 67/11-Corr.1 (English only)Corrigendum to above
CL 67/12Invitations to Non-Member Nations to Attend FAO Meetings
CL 67/13Questions for Possible Action by FAO Arising out of the First Session of the World Food Council (Rome, 23–27 June 1975) and of the Consultative Group on Food Production and Investment (Washington, 21–24 July 1975)
CL 67/14Report of the Fiftieth Session of the Committee on Commodity Problems (Rome, 13–23 October 1975)
CL 67/15Magnitude and Composition of the Field Programmes
CL 67/INF/Series 
CL 67/INF/1Provisional Timetable for the Session
CL 67/INF/2-Rev.2Provisional List of Delegates and Observers
CL 67/INF/3Implementation of Decisions Taken at the Sixty-Sixth Council Session
CL 67/INF/4Conference on International Economic Cooperation
CL 67/INF/5Target for WFP Pledges for the Period 1977–78
CL 67/INF/6Checklist of Council Documents
CL 67/INF/7Nomination of the Chairman of the Informal Meeting of Observers from Non-Governmental Organizations
CL 67/INF/8Report of Receipt of Credentials as of 5 November 1975
CL 67/INF/8-Sup.1Supplement to above
CL 67/LIM/Series 
CL 67/LIM/1Financial Position of the Organization
CL 67/LIM/2Draft Resolution Proposed by: Burundi, Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Lesotho and Dahomey
CL 67/OD/Series 
CL 67/OD/1 to
CL 67/OD/5
First to Fifth Order of the Day
CL 67/REP/Series 
CL 67/REP/1 to
CL 67/REP/3
Draft Report of Plenary
CL 67/CW/REP/1
CL 67/CW/REP/2
Draft Report of the Committee-of-the Whole
CL 67/PV Series 
CL 67/PV/1 to
CL 67/PV/9
First to Ninth Verbatim Records of the Council

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