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Election and Appointment of Committees
Elected the chairmen, members and alternates of the Programme Committee and the Finance Committee, and members of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (paras 4–6).
World Food Programme
Elected four Member Nations to the UN/FAO Intergovernmental Committee of the World Food Programme (para. 7).
Elected conditionally Australia, Nicaragua and Uganda to be, in addition to the countries elected to the IGC, members of the proposed Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes (para. 8).
Matters Arising from the Eighteenth Session of the Conference
Delegated to the Finance Committee the authority to borrow referred to in Resolution 1/68 (para. 10, Res. 1/68).
Decided to establish a Working Party to study the composition and terms of reference of the Council, Programme Committee, Finance Committee and Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (paras 13 – 16).
Other Matters
Approved with amendments the provisional calendar of sessions of the Council and of those bodies which report to the Council for the biennium 1976–77 (paras 19–20).
Appointed an alternate chairman to the FAO Appeals Committee and decided to consider appointment of a second alternate chairman at a subsequent session (para. 21).
Decided to convene the Sixty-Ninth Session in Rome early in July 1976. (para. 22)

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