CL 126/INF/3


Hundred and Twenty-sixth Session

Rome, 11 December 2003



CL 126/1

Provisional Annotated Agenda

CL 126/2-Rev.2 Provisional Calendar of FAO Governing Bodies and Other Main Sessions 2004-2005
CL 126/INF/Series
CL 126/INF/1 Statement of Competence and Voting Rights Submitted by the European Community (EC) and its Member States
CL 126/INF/2 Membership of World Food Programme Executive Board
CL 126/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents
CL 126/LIM/Series
CL 126/LIM/1 Election of Chairperson and Members of the Programme Committee
CL 126/LIM/2 Election of Chairperson and Members of the Finance Committee
CL 126/LIM/3 Election of Members of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters
CL 126/LIM/4 Election of Six Members of the WFP Executive Board
CL 126/LIM/5 Nomination of an Alternate Chairperson of the Appeals Committee
CL 126/PV/Series
CL 126/PV/1 Verbatim Records from Plenary
CL 126/OD/Series
CL 126/OD/1 Order of the Day