CL 126/INF/2


Hundred and Twenty-sixth Session

Rome, 11 December 2003


1. The Composition of the WFP Executive Board is as follows:

Term of office Expiring

Elected by FAO Council

Elected by ECOSOC

31 December 2003

Bangladesh (B)
El Salvador (C)
Mali (A)
Netherlands (D)
Syria (B)
United States of America (D)

Denmark (D)
Russian Federation (E)
India (B)
Italy (D)
Pakistan (B)
Sierra Leone (A)


31 December 2004

Canada (D)
China (B)
Eritrea (A)
Germany (D)
Haiti (C)
Mauritania (A)

Algeria (A)
Australia (D)
Cameroon (A)
Cuba (C)
Iraq (B)
United Kingdom (D)


31 December 2005

Belgium (D)
Indonesia1 (B)
Ireland 2(D)
Libya (A)
Peru (C)
Slovakia (E)

Iran, Islamic Republic of (B)
Japan (D)
Malawi (A)
Mexico (C)
Poland (E)
Sweden (D)


31 December 2006

To be elected by CL 126

India (B)
Pakistan (B)
Russian Federation (E)
Senegal (A)



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1 This seat rotates between lists A, B and C as follows: List A (2000-2002), List B (2003-2005), List A (2006-2008) and List C (2009-2011)

2 Will be replaced by Finland for the years 2004 and 2005