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Annex 7 : Notes by Listening teams from Monday presentations


What Works: Tools, Methods, Approaches…


NFP approved by Parliament

Policy à Plan à Law à Authority   NEW, based on participatory process

Many stakeholders have a role in forest management/conservation

Structure for participation + reviews and studies


High level policy dialogue + multiple sector integration

Evaluation of the Forest Policy is in place

Participatory Evaluation

Working Group plays role in evaluation process

Matrix of activities à policy concept

CIV are defined in the concept and fixed in the matrix

Learning Process

Looking for ideas rather than problems or issues

Different ways for communication

Free expression of ideas was practiced

Responsibility for changes

Be accepted by Forest Admin.

Link expertise – communication

Define clear objective of process

“Interest-driven approach”

“Representatively” in participation

Differentiate between C&I of results and means

Conflict management? Consensus driven?


Issues for Further Exploration



Definition of stakeholders & who decides on these?

Taking decisions on nfp processes – who?

Participation of weakly articulate stakeholder? (concerned, affected)

What defines stakeholders’ interest in forestry management  1) land ownership? 2) land management?  3) land tenure



Basis of Evaluation? Cultural + other stakeholder

Can assessment of participation be participatory? Non-participatory?

Clarify on objectives of participation

Criteria and indicators of evaluating participation

Connections between participation and a) culture, b) politics, c) democratization -- ** Wider societal changes?

What is the cost of participation in a) material terms, b) social terms, c) political terms

What is to be assessed? Process/Results

What is the level of involvement of various actors a) How do you reconcile various interests/agenda? B) at what level stage do they come in?



Role  and place of NFP in the national policy system? – coordination with other policy process?

Role of donors in participation

Working Group a)How were the voices of the various actors accounted for? à opposing ideas excluded? ** selective participation **

Linkages between a) forestry management vs. b) other public/devel. Policies

Government and donors are stakeholders amongst many others. They may facilitate processes, but should not dictate the process. Horizontal linkages between stakeholders are key to participatory processes!



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