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Appendix A

  1. Adoption of the Agenda

  2. Approval of Minutes of the Sixth Session

  3. World Review and Outlook

  4. Commodity Problems

  5. International Investment and Financing Facilities

  6. Program of Work of FAO and Technical Programs of Governments

  7. Technical Assistance for Economic Development

  8. Site of FAO Headquarters

  9. Financial Affairs of the Organization

    1. Report of the Committee on Financial Control
    2. Revised Scale of Contributions and Currency Problems

  10. Administrative Tribunal

  11. Other Administrative Matters

    1. Site of the Far Eastern Regional Office
    2. Terms of Reference of the European Forestry and Forest Products Commission
    3. International Allocation of Rice

  12. Procedural Matters and Arrangements for the Fifth Session of the Conference

    1. Nominations Committee
    2. Applications for Membership in FAO
    3. Observers at the Conference
    4. Arrangements for the Fifth Session of the Conference
    5. Frequency and Dates of the Conference

  13. Other Business

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