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Chapter 9: Security Expenditure

(all amounts in US$ 000)
  Major Programme 2004-05 Programme of Work ZRG 2006-07 Programme of Work ZNG 2006-07 Programme of Work RG 2006-07 Programme of Work Trust Fund
91 Headquarters Security 0 7,563 6,929 7,563 0
92 Field Security 0 12,435 2,501 12,435 0
Total 0 19,999 9,430 19,999 0
Programme Change from 2004-05 Programme of Work at Chapter level 19,999 9,430 19,999  

Substantive thrusts under ZRG conditions

514.     The Security Expenditure Facility (SEF) provides comprehensive coverage of staff and non-staff costs directly related to headquarters and field security at FAO. It will improve financial management within a results-based context and give needed visibility to the efforts of Members and the Organization to ensure a safe and secure working environment. Under the SEF, Chapter 9 of the PWB is established to define and authorise security expenditures, including, inter alia , staff and non-staff security provisions and expenditures at headquarters and in the field. As outlined in the section Proposal for an FAO Security Expenditure Facility, the security budget for 2006-07 is estimated at US$ 19.4 million; US$ 0.6 million is this chapter’s share of central management support and information systems services.

515.     The Chapter comprises two major programmes with a total of three programmes and five programme entities.

Major Programme 9.1: Headquarters Security

516.     Programme 9.1.1: Headquarters Security Services and Infrastructure provides for the protection of people, property and premises at headquarters, and related coordination with government authorities. Under the direct management of the Security and Transport Branch of AFS168, it covers 1) security infrastructure such as entry turnstiles and the construction of external reception and logistics areas, whose cost to the Regular Programme is estimated at US$ 200 000 in 2006-07 on the assumption that the host government will provide a contribution169; and 2) security guards for the headquarters premises, at a biennial cost of US$ 7 million.

Major Programme 9.2: Field Security

517.     Programme 9.2.1: FAO-managed Security Provisions for the Field Locations, led by OCD170, provides for the development and implementation of the FAO Field Security Policy as well as the implementation of field security measures in all FAO locations. Newly established within OCD, the Field Security Branch has a budget of US$ 800 000 for the coming biennium, including a P-5 Senior Officer, a P-3 Programme Officer, and two general service staff members. Its responsibilities include:

  • liaising with the UNDSS171 and the IASMN172 regarding security policy matters and the UN unified security management system;
  • coordinating the provision of security training for travellers to security phase countries;
  • integrating security-related information on personnel and equipment in FAO computerised information systems;
  • monitoring the implementation of the FAO Field Security Policy;
  • coordinating the provision of security equipment to FAO Representations, Regional, Subregional and Liaison Offices; and
  • coordinating the provision of residential security equipment and services to personnel in the decentralized offices of the Organization.
518.     The Programme also covers security equipment in decentralized offices and the training of staff, in line with recommendations developed by the UN unified security management system. These provisions, estimated at US$ 6.4 million in 2006-07 include: perimeter protection such as lighting and perimeter walls; anti-ram barriers/gates at vehicle entrances; metal detectors; bunkers and reinforced rooms; blast protective film for windows; emergency power supply; GPS173 systems; medical trauma kits; body armour; telecommunications equipment (including mobile satellite telephones and equipment for communication centres); general operating expenses for locally-cost-shared radio rooms and other telecommunications; and field vehicles with communications systems appropriate for heavy duty use in crisis or high-risk environments. In addition, a variety of residential security equipment and services will be furnished to FAO field personnel, estimated to cost US$ 700 000 during the biennium.

519.     Programme 9.2.2: Joint-UN System Undertakings to Improve Security of Field and Field-bound Staff provides for FAO’s active participation in both centrally-managed programmes of the UN unified security management system and in country-level Security Management Teams. It encompasses FAO participation in IASMN as well as the Organization’s financial contribution to the UN unified security management system. The Regular Programme portion of the FAO cost-share of UNDSS is estimated at US$ 4.0 million in 2006-07, and the share of the Malicious Acts Insurance Policy is estimated at US$ 300 000.

Zero Nominal Growth Impact

520.     At ZNG budget level, it is proposed that the Organization’s security expenditures be funded within the approved budget at the 2002-03 level (i.e. US$ 8.8 million). Therefore, US$ 10.6 million of estimated 2006-07 security expenses would remain unfunded including, under Major Programme 9.1, a portion of headquarters guard services and infrastructure improvements and, under Major Programme 9.2, security provisions for decentralized offices and a considerable portion of the Organization’s contribution to the UN unified security management system.

168 Administrative Services Division

169 CL 128/13, para. 109

170 Office for Coordination of Normative, Operational and Decentralized Activities

171 United Nations Department of Safety and Security

172 Inter-Agency Security Management Network

173 Global Positioning System

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