C 2005/INF/3


Thirty-third Session

Rome, 19 – 26 November 2005


C 2005/1

Provisional Agenda


C 2005/2

Review of the State of Food and Agriculture


C 2005/3

Programme of Work and Budget 2006-2007


C 2005/3-Corr.1

Corrigendum to C 2005/3


C 2005/3-Sup.1

Supplement to the Programme of Work and Budget 2006-2007 (Reform Proposals)


C 2005/3- Sup. 1. Add.1

Addendum to C 2005/3


C 2005/4

Programme Evaluation Report 2005


C 2005/5

Audited Accounts 2002-2003


C 2005/5 B

Audited Accounts 2002-2003


C 2005/6

International Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development


C 2005/7

Progress Report on Implementing the Gender and Development Plan of Action (2002-2007)


C 2005/8

Programme Implementation Report 2002-2003


C 2005/8-Corr.1

Corrigendum to C 2005/8


C 2005/9

Appointment of the Independent Chairperson of the Council


C 2005/10-Rev.1

Applications for Membership in the Organization


C 2005/11

Election of Council Members


C 2005/12

Arrangements for the 33rd Session of the Conference


C 2005/13

Admission to the Session of Representatives and Observers of International Organizations


C 2005/14

Appointment of Representatives of the FAO Conference to the Staff Pension Committee


C 2003/15

No document


C 2005/16

Performance of the Split Assessment Arrangement 2004-2005


C 2005/17

Independent External Evaluation of FAO


C 2005/18

Appointment of Director-General (Note by the Secretary-General of the Conference and Council)


C 2005/INF/Series


C 2005/INF/1

Report of Informal Meeting of Observers from International non- Governmental Organizations (INGOs)


C 2005/INF/2

Provisional List of Delegates and Observers


C 2005/INF/3

Provisional List of Documents


C 2005/INF/4

Statement of Competence and Voting Rights Submitted by the
European Community (EC) and its Member States (MS)


C 2005/INF/5

Statement of the Director-General


C 2005/INF/6

Presentation of the B.R. Sen Awards


C 2005/INF/7

Presentation of the A.H. Boerma Award


C 2005/INF/8

Presentation of the Edouard Saouma Award


C 2005/INF/9

McDougall Memorial Lecture


C 2005/INF/10

No document


C 2005/INF/11

The Voluntary Guidelines to Support the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security


C 2005/INF/12

Status of Contributions


C 2005/INF/13

World Programme for Census of Agriculture 2010


C 2005/INF/14

Implementation of 2004 Regional Conference Recommendations


C 2005/INF/15

Notification of Membership in the Open Committees of the Council 2006-2007


C 2005/INF/16-Rev.1

Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Director General


C 2005/INF/17

Report on Status of Implementation of the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade


C 2005/INF/18

The Use of Portuguese at the FAO Regional Conference for Africa in 2006


C 2005/INF/19

FAO Reform - A Vision for the Twenty-first Century


C 2005/INF/20

FAO and the Avian Influenza Crisis


C 2005/INF/21

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 60/1: 2005 World Summit Outcome


C 2005/INF/22

Beijing Consensus




C 2005/LIM/1

Medium Term Plan 2006-11 (Extract from CL 127/REP)


C 2005/LIM/2

Programme Implementation Report 2002-03 (Extract from CL 127/REP)


C 2005/LIM/3

Audited Accounts 2002-2003 (Draft Resolution)
(Extract from CL 127/REP)


C 2005/LIM/4

Appointment of the Credentials Committee (Extract from CL 128/REP)


C 2005/LIM/5

Scale of Contributions 2006-2007 (Draft Resolution)
(Extract from CL 128/REP)


C 2005/LIM/6

Agreement between FAO and the World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO) (Extract from CL 129/REP)

C 2005/LIM/7

Margarita Lizarraga Medal (Extract from CL 128/REP)


C 2005/LIM/8

Programme of Work and Budget 2006-2007
(Extract from CL 129/REP)


C 2005/LIM/9

Preparations for the 33rd Session of the FAO Conference
(Extract from CL 129/REP)


C 2005/LIM/10

First Report of the General Committee


C 2005/LIM/11

First Interim Report of the Credentials Committee


C 2005/LIM/12

First Report of the Resolutions Committee


C 2005/LIM/13

Second Report of the General Committee


C 2005/LIM/14

Third Report of the General Committee


C 2005/LIM/15

Second Report of the Credentials Committee


C 2005/LIM/16

Amendment to the Statutes of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Extract from CL 129/REP)


C 2005/LIM/17

Security Expenditure Facility – Amendments to Financial Regulations (Extract from CL 129/REP)


C 2005/LIM/18

Restriction of Attendance by the “General Public” to Meetings of the Organization (Extract from CL 129/REP)


C 2005/LIM/19

Performance of the Split Assessment Arrangement
(Extract from CL 129/REP)


C 2005/LIM/20

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - A Declaration on its 60th Anniversay: Ensuring Humanity's Freedom from Hunger