C 2005/LIM/19


Thirty-third Session

Rome, 19-26 November 2005


(extract from the Report of the 129th FAO Council)

Performance of the Split Assessment Arrangement 2004 – 20051
- Item 7.2

1. The Council noted that the Finance Committee at its 110th Session had reviewed the document prepared for submission to the Conference on the performance of the Split Assessment arrangement (C 2005/16).

2. The Council noted that Member Nations were adapting to the new arrangements and that the Split Assessment did not appear to have disrupted payment patterns of Assessed Contributions. The Council further noted the results of the analysis of actual expenditures by currency during the biennium to date which were in line with the estimated ratio of US dollar and euro expenditures presented in the 2003 budget appropriation for 2004-05.

3. The Council noted that the Finance Committee at its 110th Session had concluded that the practice of charging to the Special Reserve Account an amount representing the difference between Headquarters staff costs at the budget rate and at the actual UN operational rates of exchange throughout the biennium was redundant following the introduction of the Split Assessment arrangement.

4. The Council agreed to the proposal to exclude charges to the Special Reserve Account due to variances on Headquarters staff costs arising from differences between the budget rate and the UN operational rate of exchange, with effect from the 2004-05 biennium, and recommended that Conference agree to the proposal.

1 CL 129/4; CL 129/6; C 2005/16; CL 129/PV2