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Chapter 5: Management and Supervision Services

Programme 5A: Oversight

(all amounts in US$ 000)
Programme Entity Title Programme of Work 2006-07
5AP01 External Audit 925
5AP02 Internal Audit, Inspection and Monitoring of the Organization's System of Internal Control and Financial Management 6,654
5AP03 Independent Evaluation 3,681
Total 11,260

224.     This programme relates to key functions of oversight, i.e.: the work carried out both by the External Auditor and the Inspector General in all locations, the provision for local audits in decentralized offices (placed under entity 5AP02), and centrally funded evaluation activities including support to auto-evaluations. Full cooperation is maintained between the External Auditor and the Office of the Inspector-General to ensure complementarity of action. The internal audit function will address decentralized activities to provide assurance that field operations are managed in an economical, efficient and effective manner, and covers investigating fraud, presumptive fraud and undesirable trends. A new approach to local audit and cost containment measures will be pursued. Budgetary stringency will limit coverage of audit work and the scope of evaluation activities.

Programme 5B: Programme and Budget Services

(all amounts in US$ 000)
Programme Entity Title Programme of Work 2006-07
5BP01 Support to results-based programme planning, budgeting, implementation monitoring and reporting 5,806
5BS02 Support to multi-disciplinary action 1,207
Total 7,013

225.     This programme covers the work of the Office of Programme, Budget and Evaluation (PBE) except as relates to evaluation which is included in the preceding programme. The provision (under 5BP01) includes system support to general programming, budgeting and monitoring activities in the Organization. The centrally managed catalytic provision to assist with implementation of multidisciplinary work (5BS02) has been much strengthened over the level in the PWB 2004-05.

Programme 5C: Financial Services

(all amounts in US$ 000)
Programme Entity Title Programme of Work 2006-07
5CP01 Central Accounting and Financial Reporting 7,557
5CP02 Financial Operations and Systems 8,749
5CP03 Treasury Operations 1,574
Total 17,880

226.     The programme maintains the Organization's financial systems and performs accounting control activities, providing assurance regarding reliability of financial reporting and compliance with financial policies and relevant rules and regulations, and produces the official accounts of the Organization which require certification by the external auditor. The Finance Division also manages the Organization's liquidity, investments and currency needs. The programme is facing an ever-increasing volume of extrabudgetary contributions to FAO. Post abolitions and cuts in non-staff resources will adversely impact internal financial controls, compromising the Organization's capacity to produce accurate, timely and complete accounts, and lowering service standards. The potential for transferring some processing work to a less expensive location will be studied as a means of reducing costs in this programme.

Programme 5D: Human Resources Management and Staff Welfare

(all amounts in US$ 000)
Programme Entity Title Programme of Work 2006-07
5DP01 Health and Medical Services 2,837
5DP02 Human Resources Legal Services 1,290
5DP03 Human Resources Policy, Planning and Inter-Agency Activities 5,028
5DP04 Organizational Development and Staffing 4,069
5DP05 Staff Development and Learning Services 2,085
5DP06 Provision of Social Security Services 1,503
Total 16,812

227.     This programme covers the Division of Human Resources Management (AFH) and the Medical Service of the Administration and Finance Department (AF). It ensures that the Organization possesses the right set of competencies and human resources to achieve its goals. It also gives new impetus to human resources planning and development, as well as promoting a culture of continuous learning. The implementation of the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) will underpin the effective delivery of this programme.

228.     AFH will continue to address the broad spectrum of human resources management issues, enhancing its advisory role and also providing support to the decentralized offices. Within the UN system, it will continue to participate in inter-agency consultations, particularly relating to the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) and the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF). It seeks to provide and effective system of administration of justice as an essential component of good HR management especially in a context of structural reform and staff turnover. The completion of an FAO-specific competency framework, including the definition of core and professional competencies (following on the work done for the definition of managerial competencies and those developed for the FAO representatives) is required as a basis for cost-effective development of human resources.

Programme 5E: Procurement

(all amounts in US$ 000)
Programme Entity Title Programme of Work 2006-07
5EP01 Procurement 8,901
Total 8,901

229.     This programme covers central support to procurement activities throughout the Organization, which have expanded considerably due to emergency-related work. It also assists with procurement-related institutional building and training in concerned countries, in the context of important unilaterally-funded programmes and projects.

230.     The volume of work will be reduced at headquarters by increasing the levels of delegated authority, in line with recent recommendations regarding the empowerment of line managers and field operators. This will require increase in training and monitoring resources in the decentralized offices.

Programme 5F: Management of Premises

(all amounts in US$ 000)
Programme Entity Title Programme of Work 2006-07
5FP01 Provision of Central Records Services 7,581
5FP02 Facilities Management Services 25,874
Total 33,454

231.     This programme covers various aspects of the management of premises, including utilities and maintenance of buildings, but excluding security which is handled under Chapter 9. For infrastructure improvement at headquarters, continued reliance would be placed on the support of the Italian Government, as well as governmental and corporate donors, although it is increasingly difficult to carry out the attendant - and necessary - public relations and monitoring activities. This programme also includes essential services related to documents, central records and internal communications.

232.     Reduced non-staff human resources may impose postponement of several urgent works to improve safety, in conformity to European standards and regulations, and in respect to long-standing recommendations made by auditors. They will be implemented on a longer ad hoc schedule, as funding is available. The building up of the Capital Facility for the replacement of technical installations will also not be possible in the current biennium given the budget constraints, and specific solutions will have to be found when replacement is required.

Programme 5G: Meetings and Language Services and Protocol

(all amounts in US$ 000)
Programme Entity Title Programme of Work 2006-07
5GP01 Official Correspondence 1,723
5GP02 Programming of meetings at Headquarters and in the Field 1,559
5GP03 Provision and monitoring of FAO language services 1,974
5GP04 Protocol Services and Liaison with Permanent Representatives 2,625
Total 7,882

233.     Programme 5G covers the processing of official correspondence and ensures programming and management of non-FAO meetings held at headquarters and all FAO meetings. The programme provides terminology, translation, interpretation and printing services, as well as document workflow management and supportive information systems. Finally, it covers liaison and protocol work, including liaison with the host government for the implementation of the Headquarters Agreement, the issuance of travel documents, visas and identity cards, and support to the organization of meetings of Permanent Representatives.

234.     It may be noted that financial management and monitoring of interpretation, translation and printing services is carried out under this programme, while funding of these services is recovered from originating divisions and secretariats of governing bodies. The expected level of resources to be handled through related pool accounts is around US$ 18 million (US$ 12 million for translation and printing, and US$ 6 million for interpretation). Measures have been taken to improve the availability of electronic language tools, which are leading to the discontinuation of the services provided by the Terminology and Reference Library. It will be necessary to introduce cost-recovery mechanisms for processing and delivering administrative documents (visas, laissez-passers, etc.) to WFP, IFAD and UNOPS.

Programme 5H: Shared Services

(all amounts in US$ 000)
Programme Entity Title Programme of Work 2006-07
5HP01 Provision of Management Support Services 19,641
Total 19,641

235.     This programme hosts the Shared Services Centre (SSC) which would ultimately contribute to efficiency gains in handling administrative tasks by reducing fragmentation and duplication. It will build and expand on the precedent of the centralized Management Support Service (MSS), the cost of which was previously distributed across a number of programmes. It is recalled that the SSC consolidates the present MSS and the personnel servicing functions in a similar unit in OCD (OCDS). Consideration could be given to the consolidation of the MSUs in regional offices into the SSC in 2007, after implementation of the HRMS.

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