Programme Implementation Report 2004-05 Web Annex

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Table of Contents

Annex IV: Use of Arrears

Annex V: Summary reporting of Programme Entities

Summary reporting of Programme Entities

Major Programme 2.1: Agricultural Production and Support Systems

Programme 2.1.0: Intra-departmental Programme Entities for Agricultural Production and Support Systems

Programme Entity 210A1: Sustainable Intensification of Integrated Production Systems

Programme Entity 210A2: Promotion of Conservation Agriculture

Programme Entity 210P1: Secretariat of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA)

Programme Entity 210S1: Committee on Agriculture (COAG)

Programme Entity 210S2: Technical Services for Partnership Development and Information Enhancement

Programme Entity 210S5: Central Support to PAIAs

Programme 2.1.1: Natural Resources

Programme Entity 211A1: Agricultural Water Use Efficiency and Conservation

Programme Entity 211A2: Land and Soil Productivity

Programme Entity 211A3: Integrated Land, Water and Plant Nutrition Policies, Planning and Management

Programme Entity 211A5: Land and Water Quality Improvement

Programme Entity 211P7: Land and Water Information Systems, Databases and Statistics

Programme Entity 211P8: Knowledge Management and Partnerships

Programme Entity 211S1: Direct Support to Member Nations and to the Field Programme

Programme Entity 211S2: International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage (IPTRID)

Programme 2.1.2: Crops

Programme Entity 212A1: Alternative Crops and Cultivars for New Opportunities

Programme Entity 212A3: Strategies and Technologies for Sustainable Crop and Grassland Production Systems

Programme Entity 212A4: EMPRES - Plant Pests Component

Programme Entity 212A5: "Mainstreaming IPM" by Enhancing Essential Ecological Processes

Programme Entity 212A8: Facilitating Plant Production and Protection Decision Making

Programme Entity 212A9: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources, including through Biotechnology, and Seed Sector Development

Programme Entity 212P1: Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)

Programme Entity 212P2: Pesticide Management

Programme Entity 212P3: Migratory Pest Management

Programme Entity 212P4: Technical Support to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Programme Entity 212P5: Support to Strategy Formulation and Promotion of Specific Action for Rice Development in Member Countries of the International Rice Commission (IRC)

Programme Entity 212S1: Advice to Countries and Support to Field Programme

Programme 2.1.3: Livestock

Programme Entity 213A3: Contribution of Livestock to Poverty Alleviation

Programme Entity 213A5: Developing the Global Strategy for the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resources

Programme Entity 213A6: Veterinary Public Health Management and Food and Feed Safety

Programme Entity 213A7: EMPRES - Livestock

Programme Entity 213A8: Technologies and Systems for Efficient Natural Resource Use in Livestock Production

Programme Entity 213A9: Environmental Management of Insect Borne Diseases

Programme Entity 213B1: Livestock Sector Analysis and Strategy Development

Programme Entity 213P1: Global Livestock Information System and Knowledge Framework

Programme Entity 213S1: Advice to Member Countries and Support to the Field Programme

Programme 2.1.4: Agricultural Support Systems

Programme Entity 214A1: Enhancing Small Farmer Livelihoods

Programme Entity 214A2: Meeting Urban Food Needs

Programme Entity 214A3: Sustainable Commercial Provision of Input Supply, Mechanisation, Investment Support and Marketing Services

Programme Entity 214A4: Agribusiness Development Targeted to Small and Medium Post-production Enterprises

Programme Entity 214A9: Enhancing Food Quality and Safety by Strengthening Handling, Processing and Marketing in the Food Chain

Programme Entity 214P2: Agricultural Services - Data and Information Systems

Programme Entity 214S1: Field Programme Support and Advisory Services to Countries

Programme 2.1.5: Agricultural Applications of Isotopes and Biotechnology

Programme Entity 215A1: Sustainable Intensification of Crop Production Systems through Technologies and Capacity-Building

Programme Entity 215A2: Sustainable Intensification of Livestock Production Systems through Technologies and Capacity-building

Programme Entity 215P1: Capacity Building and Risk Analysis Methodologies for Compliance with Food Safety Standards and Pesticide Control and Strengthened Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures through Irradiation of Food and Agricultural Commodities

Major Programme 2.2: Food and Agriculture Policy and Development

Programme 2.2.0: Intra-departmental Programme Entities for Food and Agriculture Policy and Development

Programme Entity 220A1: Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information for Better Policy Targeting (FIVIMS)

Programme Entity 220P1: World Food Summit and Millennium Development Goals Monitoring and Action

Programme Entity 220S1: Servicing the Committee on World Food Security

Programme 2.2.1: Nutrition, Food Quality and Safety

Programme Entity 221A2: Nutrition Improvement for Sustainable Development

Programme Entity 221A4: Community Action for Improved Household Food Security and Nutrition

Programme Entity 221A5: Food and Nutrition Education, Communications and Training

Programme Entity 221A6: Nutrition and Household Food Security in Emergencies

Programme Entity 221P1: Nutrient Requirements and Dietary Assessment for Food Safety and Quality

Programme Entity 221P2: Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme (Codex Alimentarius)

Programme Entity 221P5: Food Quality Control and Consumer Protection

Programme Entity 221P6: Food Safety Assessment and Rapid Alert System

Programme Entity 221P7: Public Information about Nutrition, Food Quality and Safety

Programme Entity 221P8: Food Quality and Safety throughout the Food Chain

Programme Entity 221S1: Technical Support Services to Member Nations and the Field Programme

Programme 2.2.2: Food and Agricultural Information

Programme Entity 222A2: FAO/World Bank/USDA Initiative for Agricultural Statistics in Africa

Programme Entity 222A3: FAO Country Profiles and Mapping Information System

Programme Entity 222A4: Systematic Evaluation and Improvement of Statistical Data Quality

Programme Entity 222A5: World Agriculture Information Resource System (WAIR)

Programme Entity 222P1: Agricultural Resources and Income Statistics

Programme Entity 222P2: Agricultural Production, Trade Statistics and Food Balance Sheets

Programme Entity 222P3: Agricultural Statistics Development

Programme Entity 222P5: Programme for the Improvement of Language Coverage

Programme Entity 222P6: WAICENT Corporate Information Management and Dissemination Systems

Programme Entity 222P7: Standards, Norms and Procedures for Improved Access to Agricultural Information

Programme Entity 222P8: Facilitation of WAICENT Outreach

Programme Entity 222P9: Virtual Library and Library Information Services in Support of WAICENT

Programme Entity 222S1: Technical Support Services to Member Nations and the Field Programme

Programme Entity 222S2: Assistance to Countries in Capacity Building for Agriculture and Food Information through WAICENT

Programme 2.2.3: Food and Agricultural Monitoring, Assessments and Outlooks

Programme Entity 223A2: Global Food and Agricultural Perspective Studies

Programme Entity 223P2: The State of Food and Agriculture

Programme Entity 223P3: Market Assessments for Basic Food Commodities and Impact on Global Food Security

Programme Entity 223P4: Projections and Global Commodity Market Assessments

Programme Entity 223P5: Market Assessments of Tropical, Horticultural and Raw Material Commodities and Impact on Food Security

Programme Entity 223P6: Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture

Programme Entity 223S1: Technical Support Services to Member Nations and the Field Programme

Programme 2.2.4: Agriculture, Food Security and Trade Policy

Programme Entity 224A2: Commodity and Trade Policy Support to Developing Countries for Trade Negotiations

Programme Entity 224P1: Agricultural Adjustment and Policy Reforms

Programme Entity 224P2: Agriculture, Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development and Food Security: Analysis of Linkages

Programme Entity 224P3: Economics of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability

Programme Entity 224P4: Analysis and Consensus-Building on Emerging Commodity and Trade Issues

Programme Entity 224P5: Enhancing Diversification and Competitiveness of Agricultural Commodities

Programme Entity 224S1: Technical Support Services to Member Nations and the Field Programme

Major Programme 2.3: Fisheries

Programme 2.3.1: Fisheries Information

Programme Entity 231A2: Development of Partnerships for the Fisheries Resources Monitoring System (FIRMS) of FIGIS

Programme Entity 231P1: Provision of Fisheries Information and Statistics

Programme Entity 231S1: Advice and Technical Support to Member Nations and Regional Fisheries Bodies

Programme 2.3.2: Fisheries Resources and Aquaculture

Programme Entity 232A1: Promotion of Responsible Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture

Programme Entity 232A2: Increased Contribution of Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries to Food Security

Programme Entity 232A3: Marine Fisheries Resources Identification and Biodata

Programme Entity 232A4: Monitoring and Reporting on Global Marine Resources and Relevant Environmental and Ecological Changes

Programme Entity 232A5: Resources Assessment and Management of Fisheries Resources

Programme Entity 232P1: Global Monitoring and Strategic Analysis of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture

Programme Entity 232S1: Advice on Marine Resources and Environmental Issues

Programme Entity 232S2: Advice on Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Development

Programme 2.3.3: Fisheries Exploitation and Utilisation

Programme Entity 233A1: Reduction of Discards and Environmental Impact from Fisheries

Programme Entity 233A2: Sustainable Development of Small-scale Fisheries

Programme Entity 233A3: Increased Production from Under-utilised Aquatic Resources and Low-value Catches

Programme Entity 233A4: Consumption, Safety and Quality of Fish Products

Programme Entity 233A5: Promotion of International Fish Trade

Programme Entity 233S1: Support and Advice in Fishing Technology, Fish Utilisation and Trade

Programme 2.3.4: Fisheries Policy

Programme Entity 234A1: Coordination and Monitoring of the Implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries

Programme Entity 234A4: Promotion of Coastal Fisheries Management

Programme Entity 234A5: Promotion of Appropriate National/Regional Policies for Sustainable Aquaculture Development

Programme Entity 234P2: Global Analysis of Economic and Social Trends in Fisheries and Aquaculture

Programme Entity 234P3: Economic and Social Analysis of Fishery and Aquaculture Policy and Management

Programme Entity 234S1: Promotion and Strengthening of Regional Fisheries Bodies and Arrangements

Programme Entity 234S2: Direct Support to Countries in Fisheries Policy and Management

Major Programme 2.4: Forestry

Programme 2.4.1: Forest Resources

Programme Entity 241A1: Sustainable Management of Natural Forests and Woodlands

Programme Entity 241A4: Conservation in Forests and Fragile Ecosystems

Programme Entity 241A5: Forest Plantations and Trees Outside Forests

Programme Entity 241A7: Forests and Water

Programme Entity 241A8: Forests and Climate Change

Programme Entity 241P1: Assessment and Monitoring of Forests and Woodland Resources

Programme Entity 241S1: Technical Support and Advisory Services

Programme 2.4.2: Forest Products and Economics

Programme Entity 242A3: Forestry Sector Outlook Studies

Programme Entity 242A4: Economic Aspects of Forests

Programme Entity 242P1: Forest Products Information

Programme Entity 242P2: Appropriate Utilisation of Forest Products

Programme Entity 242S1: Support to Field Projects and Advisory Services

Programme 2.4.3: Forestry Policy and Institutions

Programme Entity 243A3: Strengthening National Institutional Capacities

Programme Entity 243A4: Forest Policies and Governance

Programme Entity 243A5: Forests, Poverty Alleviation and Food Security

Programme Entity 243P4: Participatory Forestry and Sustainable Livelihoods

Programme Entity 243S1: Interaction with Field Programmes and Advisory Services

Programme 2.4.4: Forestry Information and Liaison

Programme Entity 244A1: International Forestry Processes

Programme Entity 244P1: Forestry Information

Programme Entity 244S1: Support to Statutory Bodies and Liaison with the Regional Offices

Major Programme 2.5: Contributions to Sustainable Development and Special Programme Thrusts

Programme 2.5.1: Research, Natural Resources Management and Technology Transfer

Programme Entity 251A1: Integrated Use of Information for Sustainable Development

Programme Entity 251A2: Youth in Agriculture, Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods

Programme Entity 251A3: Partnerships for Improving Application of Biotechnology in Agriculture

Programme Entity 251A4: Integrated Development and Dissemination of Agricultural Knowledge and Technology for Food Security and Sustainable Development

Programme Entity 251A5: Secretariat of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)

Programme Entity 251A6: Support to Environmental Agreements and Promotion of Integrated Environmental Planning and Management

Programme Entity 251P1: Environmental Geo-Information Infrastructure and Services

Programme Entity 251P3: Information and Communication Technologies in Support of Agricultural Research, Extension and Education Systems

Programme Entity 251P4: Secretariat of the CGIAR Science Council

Programme Entity 251S1: Technical Support Services to Member Nations, the Field Programme, and Other Related Activities

Programme 2.5.2: Gender and Population

Programme Entity 252A3: Gender and Natural Resources Management

Programme Entity 252A4: Analysis and Mitigation of the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Food Security and Rural Development

Programme Entity 252P1: Promotion of Gender and Population in Policies, Legislation and Civil Institutions

Programme Entity 252S1: Technical Support to Member Nations and the Field Programme

Programme 2.5.3: Rural Development

Programme Entity 253A1: Access 21: Land Tenure Institution Building for Food Security and Sustainable Rural Development

Programme Entity 253A2: Improved Rural Institutions and Services to Promote Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development and Enhance Livelihoods

Programme Entity 253A4: Participatory Approaches and Methods to Support Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development to Enhance Livelihoods and Food Security

Programme Entity 253P1: Management and Support to the UN System Network on Rural Development and Food Security

Programme Entity 253S1: Technical Support Services on Participatory Approaches, Institutional Development and Access to Land Resources

Programme 2.5.6: Food Production in Support of Food Security in LIFDCs

Programme Entity 256P1: Management and Coordination

Programme Entity 256P2: SPFS Formulation

Programme Entity 256P3: SPFS Implementation

Major Programme 3.1: Policy Assistance

Programme 3.1.1: Coordination of Policy Assistance and Field Programme Development

Programme Entity 311A1: Development of FAO's Capacity to Provide On-line Training in Food, Agriculture and Rural Development Policy and Planning

Programme Entity 311P1: Coordination of Policy Assistance

Programme Entity 311P2: Coordination of Field Programme Development Activities

Programme Entity 311P3: Development of Training Materials and Methods in Food and Agriculture Policy Analysis

Programme Entity 311P4: Coordination of Country Focus

Programme Entity 311S2: Technical Support to Capacity Building in Food, Agriculture and Rural Policy Development Planning and Policy Analysis

Programme 3.1.2: Policy Assistance to Various Regions

Programme Entity 312P1: Enhancement of Country Focus

Programme Entity 312P2: Field Programme Development

Programme Entity 312P3: Advice, Support and Training in Agricultural Policies

Programme Entity 312S3: Technical Support to Field Programmes

Programme 3.1.3: Legal Assistance to Member Nations

Programme Entity 313A1: Support to the Development of a Regulatory Framework for Food and Agriculture

Programme Entity 313P1: Collection and Dissemination of Legal Information

Programme Entity 313S1: Provision of Technical Advice