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Arrangements for the Session, and Provisional Agenda for the Conference 1

199. When examining the proposed arrangements for the Nineteenth Conference Session, the Council noted that a new item "Technical Cooperation Amongst Developing Countries in the Field of Agriculture and Food" would be added under Part II of the Provisional Conference Agenda. 2

200. Turning to the Tentative Timetable of the Conference, the Council agreed to the suggestion that Commission II should discuss Item 15 "Review of Arrangements for the World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development" at an earlier stage of its work.

201. A suggestion was made that Commission II consider Item 11 "Review of Field Programmes" before Item 10 "Programme of Work and Budget 1978–1979". It was pointed out, however, that the Conference at its Eighteenth Session in 1975 had decided that Commission II should discuss the Programme of Work and Budget, the Review of Field Pro- grammes and Medium-Term Objectives in that order, and that general satisfaction had been expressed with these arrangements. 3

202. The Council also took note of the proposal that information on progress and projections on the integration of women in all FAO programmes should be submitted to the Conference in such reports as the Review of Field Programmes and the Medium-Term Obje ctives, as requested by operative paragraph 5 of Conference Resolution 10/75.

203. The suggestion was made that a free day might be required for the Muslim Feast of Aid El Kabir. The Council considered that the Conference would no doubt wish to leave some flexibility to its calendar and, if necessary, decide to work on a Saturday instead, if this feast did not fall on a Saturday or a Sunday.

204. In reply to an enquiry, the Council was informed that the Palestine Liberation Organization would be invited to attend the next Conference in an observer capacity, as had been the case at the Eighteenth Conference Session.

Nomination of the Chairman and Other Officers of the Conference 4

205. The Council noted that the Heads of Delegations represented at the Council had met during the Session to designate the individuals who would be approached to serve as Chairman of the Conference and Chairmen of Commissions I, II and III.

Date for Nominations for the Independent Chairman of the Council 5

206. The Council noted that the Conference at its Nineteenth Session would be required to appoint the Independent Chairman of the Council, the term of office of the present incumbent expiring in November 1977.

207. The Council also noted that with regard to the nominations for this office, Rule XXIII-1(b) of the General Rules of the Organization laid down that the Council determine the date for such nominations which must be submitted by Member Nations and addressed to the Secretary-General of the Conference. The Council accordingly established the deadlin e for the receipt of such nominations at 17.00 hours on Monday 5 September 1977. Nominations would be circulated by the Secretary-General to all Member Nations by Monday 19 September 1977.

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2See para. 162 above.

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