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Second Report on Unscheduled Sessions in the 1976-77 Biennium 1

146. The Council recalled that the Fourteenth Session of the Conference had authorized the Director-General in exceptional circumstances to convene unscheduled sessions which he considered necessary to implement the programme of the Organization. It also recalled that the Director-General had been requested to make regular reports to the Council on the unscheduled sessions approved and on the sessions cancelled.

147. The Council noted that since its Seventieth Session (November-December 1976) 19 unscheduled sessions have been approved and 37 scheduled sessions have been cancelled, making a total for the biennium of 19 unscheduled and 38 cancelled sessions.

148. Details of the unscheduled sessions approved and the sessions cancelled since the Seventieth Session of the Council are given in Appendix 0.

Date and Place of the Seventy-Third Session of the Council 2

149. The Council decided that its Seventy-Third Session would be convened in Rome on Friday, 2 December 1977 or on Thursday, 1 December 1977 if the Conference were to conclude its work in time to permit this.

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