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Calendar of 1978–79 Sessions of the Council and those Bodies which Report to the Council 1

9. The Council approved the calendar of sessions for 1978-79 of the Council and those Bodies which report to it, as set out in Appendix D to this Report.

Appointment of the Deputy Director-General 2

10. The Council adopted the following Resolution:

Resolution 1/73



Noting the decision of the Director-General to appoint Ralph W. Phillips to fill as from 1 January 1978 the vacancy created by the retirement of Roy I. Jackson, and

Being aware of Ralph W. Phillips' wide experience and familiarity with the affairs and activities of the Organization, in particular through his service as Deputy Director of the then Agriculture Division and subsequently as Member and Chairman of the Programme Committee,

  1. Confirms the appointment of Ralph W. Phillips to the Office of Deputy Director-General of the Organization in accordance with the terms of Rule XXXIX-1 of the General Rules of the Organization; and
  2. Conveys to Ralph W. Phillips its satisfaction at his acceptance of the post.

Matters arising out of the Nineteenth Session of the Conference 3

Use of Languages

11. As requested by the Conference at its Nineteenth Session, the Council entrusted the Programme Committee with the task of reviewing the list of sessions under the Regular Programme in 1978-79 (C 77/3 Sup.2-Rev.1), with particular reference to meetings classified in Category 3, i.e., sessions of panels, committees and working parties of experts, composed of individuals selected by FAO, and who normally participate at FAO expense. The purpose of the review by the Programme Committee was to correct the imbalance in the use of FAO languages which had been noted with concern by the Conference, and to make appropriate recommendations for consideration by the Council at its Seventy-Fourth Session. The Programme Committee should, at the same time, consider questions raised in the Conference as to the utility or timeliness of certain publications or meetings listed in the two supplements to the Programme of Work and Budget and make recommendations to the Council.

International Plant Protection Convention

12. The Council noted that the Conference at its Nineteenth Session 4 had decided to postpone its approval of a revised version of the International Plant Protection Convention, and had recommended that all parties to the Convention and other Member Nations of FAO be invited to make comments and proposals and that the revised version, together with such comments and proposals, be referred to the Committee on Agriculture (COAG) for review.

13. The Council decided that all contracting parties to the International Plant Protection Convention should be invited to attend the COAG session at which the Convention would be reviewed. At the same time, the Council recommended that COAG establish an ad hoc subsidiary body, which could meet concurrently with COAG, for the purpose of reviewing the Convention. The Council further decided, on the basis of Rule XXXII.13(b) GRO, that contracting parties that are not Member Nations of FAO should also be admitted to membership of that subsidiary body.

United Nations Centre for World Agriculture 5

14. The Council was informed by the Director-General that he was engaged in official discussions with the Italian Authorities on plans for a new United Nations Centre for World Agriculture in Rome. This central complex of buildings would be able to accommodate FAO, WFP, WFC and IFAD if these Agencies so decided.

Telegramme to W.A.F. Grabisch 5

15. Having been informed that the Representative of the Federal Republic of Germany, W.A.F.Grabish, had been taken ill, the Council asked the Chairman to send him a telegramme conveying the Council's wishes for an early recovery.

Date and Place of the Seventy-Fourth Session of the Council 5

16. The Council decided that its Seventy-Fourth Session should be convened in Rome from 27 November to 8 December 1978.

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