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1.The Seventy—Fourth Session of the Council was held in Rome from 27 November 1978 to 7 December 1978 under the Chairmanship of Bukar Shaib, Independent Chairman of the Council.

Adoption of the Agenda and Timetable1

2.The Agenda of the Session as adopted is given in Appendix A to this report Following a statement by the Director—General the Council decided not to discuss the level of the budget(Item 13) at this Session.

Election of Vice—Chairmen and Designation of Chairman and Members of the Drafting Committee2

3.To honour Frank Shefrin on the eve of his retirement, the Council decided to suspend Rule I (1) of its Rules of Procedure in order to elect three -Vice—Chairmen for its current Session, i.e. Frank Shefrin (Canada), and Florence A. Chenoweth (Liberia) as first Vice— Chairmen and Shamsur Rahman (Bangladesh) as second Vice—Chairman.

4.The Council elected Michei—Akis Papageorgiou (Greece) as Chairman of the Drafting Committee,and the following 8 members: Cuba, France, Ghana, India, Libya, New Zealand, United States of America and Zaire.

Oath of Office by the Deputy Director—General 3

5. Dr. Ralph W. Phillips, who had been appointed Deputy Director—General of the Organization,effective from 1 January 1978, at the Seventy—Third Session. of the Council,took the oath of Office.

Statement by the Director—General 4

6.The Council heard a the Director—General, giving a broad assessment of the state of food and agriculture in the world, and describing the.action taken by FAO to meet the situation. The text of this statement is given in AppendixD to this report.

Statement by the President of the World Food Council5

7. The Council also heard with interest a statement by Arturo R. Tanco, Jr., President.of the World Food Council.

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