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State of Food and Agriculture, 1982

Requested that the survey of resource and input use presented in the document CL 82/2 be prepared as a regular feature of SOFA (para. 17)

Welcomed the Director-General’s initiative to undertake a comprehensive study of agricultural price policies and their relationship to agricultural production, food consumption and trade, with emphasis on developing countries (para. 18)

Called on developed countries to continue to foster more effective means for sharing their agricultural, scientific and technical knowledge and experience and stressed the need for greater coordination of international and national agricultural research programmes (para. 19)

Recommended that FAO should strengthen its role in promoting agricultural research,especially in its medium-term programmes (para. 19)

Report of the Seventh Session of the Committee on World Food Security (Rome, 31 March - 7 April 1982)

Progress in Implementation of the Plan of Action to Strengthen World Food Security

Endorsed the Report of the Seventh Session of the Committee on World Food Security, including its conclusions and recommendations (para. 26)

Agreed with the Committee’s assessment of the world food security situation (para. 27)

Welcomed the Director-General’s proposal that the Committee on World Food Security should reappraise the concept of world food security and the role of the Committee within the broad framework of the various international institutions dealing with food (para. 29)

Agreed that the Committee provided the appropriate consultative forum for governments to analyse the problem from all aspects and to make recommendations on world food security and considered that FAO should continue to play its role in the coordination of food security efforts (para. 29)

Expressed its appreciation of the special action by the Government of Italy to extend assistance to the CILSS countries in support of their food production efforts (para. 32)

Called for increased support for food security projects, both multilaterally through the Food Security Assistance Scheme (FSAS) and on a bilateral basis (para. 35)

Agreed that the FSAS should concentrate on funding the more urgent technical assistance and smaller scale investment projects while large investment projects should be primarily financed through bilateral programmes or multilateral financial institutions (para. 35)

Agreed that food aid remained an important component of food security until national efforts to increase food production succeeded in closing the food gap or until the developing countries’ economies were strong enough to enable them to make adequate commercial purchases in the world market (para. 39)

Revision and Up-Dating of Guidelines and Targets for International Agricultural Adjustment

Decided that the draft guidelines should be submitted directly to the Twenty-second Session of the Conference for its consideration and adoption, if it so decides (para. 45)

Report of the Sixth Session of the Committee on Forest (Rome, 3 - 7 May 1982)

Recommended that FAO give continued priority to studies of village level forestry as a basis for better understanding and the exchange of experience (para. 47)

Endorsed the recommendation of COFO that the FAO/UNEP Tropical Forest Resource Assessment be regularly updated, improved and expanded (para. 49)

Recommended that FAO should give support to research on methods of replacing shifting cultivation with more stable forms of agriculture, agrosilviculture and to methods of promoting the awareness and motivation of local communities to adopt practices which would conserve the forest (para. 50)

Recommended that the problems of tropical forestry be given high priority in the programme of FAO Forestry Department, the work to be carried on in close collaboration with other UN Agencies, particularly UNEP and Unesco, and further recommended that the Conunittee on Forestry in the Tropics be reconstituted to assume responsibility for continuing review of international action on tropical forestry (para. 52)

Supported the recommendation of COFO that FAO hold symposia on appropriate forest industry and welcomed the offer by the Indonesian Government to host one of these (para 55)

Recommended that FAO, in collaboration with other international agencies, take the lead in developing links between forestry and other disciplines such as atmospheric science and biotechnology (para. 56)

Recommended that continuing attention be given to management, economics, price problems and marketing (para. 57)

Recommended that the next session of COFO include a thorough assessment of progress made on implementation of the new forestry development strategy (para. 58)

Endorsed COFO’s views on the importance of selection of programme priorities and emphasized the high priority of the Forestry Programme in FAO’s overall programme (para. 58)

Proposed forestry biomass as an alternative source of energy and forestry for development and survival as additional possible themes which the Ninth World Forestry Congress could consider in Mexico (para. 59)

Endorsed the report of the Sixth Session of the Committee on Forestry (para. 60)

World Food Programme

Seventh Annual Report of the Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes (CFA) of the UN/FAO World Food Programme

Expressed its appreciation of the additional pledge of the European Economic Community as well as of other pledges made during the Pledging Conference and thereafter, including those of the United States of America, Canada, France, Norway speaking for the Nordic countries, and Australia (para. 67)

Highly commended the performance of the IEFR and expressed the hope that the 1981 level of contributions would be maintained (para. 68)

Election of Five Members of the Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes

Elected five Member Nations to the Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes for, a term of office of three years (para. 72)

Inter-Agency Relations and Consultations on Matters of Common Interest

Recent Developments in the United Nations System of Interest to FAO

Commended the Director-General for the measures taken in this respect, encouraging him to intensify his activities in this field (para. 77)

Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) Reports

Requested the Programme and Finance Committees to examine at their next sessions the proposal that periodic reports be submitted to the Council on the follow-up of recommendations of the JIU, and that the Committees submit their recommendations to the Council (para. 90)

(b) Control and Limitation of Documentation in the United Nations System

Congratulated the Director-General on the effective measures he had implemented to limit the length of meeting documentation and to ensure its focus on the issues requiring attention (para. 92)

(c) Status of Internal Evaluation in the United Nations System Organizations, and Second Report on Evaluation in the United Nations System

Agreed that FAO should maintain and further improve its lead position in the field of internal evaluation within the UN system, and use its resources for evaluation on a selective and judicious basis so as to ensure its continued cost-effectiveness (para. 93)

(d) Methods of Determining Staff Requirements

Endorsed the majority view in the Programme and Finance Committees that additional information on programme element costs and workload estimates was not required in the Programme of Work and Budget (para. 95)

(h) Coordination in the Field of Public Information Activities

Endorsed the view of the ACC that “the common goal can perhaps best be achieved by a diversity of action” (para. 100)

Follow-up of WCARRD

Called special attention to the need for assistance in improving higher level training in all aspects of rural development in Africa , in line with the specific recommend- dations of the FAO Regional Conference for Africa (Algiers, September 1982) (para. 110)

Recommended continuing FAO technical support to the Regional Centres for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development, urged the early establishment of the Regional Centres in Latin Anierica and the Near East and invited all Member Governments concerned to join the Centres and to contribute effectively to their programmes and budgets (para. 115)

Progress Report on World Food Day Activities

Recommended that World Food Day Activities be intensified in the future (para. 118)

Recommended that the Rome Declaration on Hunger be disseminated through information channels available to World Food Day organizers (para. 122)

Requested the Director-General to explore ways in which FAO support to World Food Day could be strengthened in the future within the resources available (para. 123)

Format of Medium-term Objectives and Programme of Work and Budget

Endorsed the proposals of the Forty-third Session of the Programme Committee and the Fiftieth Session of the Finance Committee (September 1982) on the format of the Medium-term Objectives and Programme of Work and Budget documents, in order to achieve further savings in documentation costs and facilitate the consideration of these essential documents, and agreed that the merger of the Medium-term Objectives and Programme of Work and Budget documents would not result in any loss of information (para. 126)

Financial Matters

Financial Position of the Organization: Contribution Matters

(b) Current Assessments

Agreed with the view of the Finance Committee that the late receipt of contributions had major adverse financial consequences for the Organization and, more importantly, for Member Nations as a whole (para. 133)

Appealed to those Member Nations which were not honouring their financial obligations to the Organization, in accordance with the terms of the Basic Texts, to assume their fair share of the financial support of the Organization by paying promptly and in full, both outstanding and future assessments, and urged Member Nations to inform the Organization of the timing within which amounts due would be received (para. 138)

(c) Contributions in Arrears

Appealed to all Member Nations concerned to make every possible effort to effect payment of their arrears without further delay (para. 139)

(d) Applications for Membership

Recommended that, in accordance with past practice, the amount of the first contribution be $4 400 (para. 141)

(e) Status of Advances to the Working Capital Fund

Urged Member Nations to remit promptly amounts which remained outstanding (para. 143)

Audited Accounts

Endorsed the External Auditor’s recommendations and the comments of the Finance Committee (para. 144)

Agreed with the External Auditor of the need to provide more information to Governments concerning the philosophy, the criteria and the procedures for TCP (para. 148)

Recommended that, given the limited resources available to the Technical Cooperation Programme, priority be given to the least developed countries (para. 149)

Recommended a draft Resolution entitled “Audited Accounts”, for adoption by the Conference (para. 151)

Headquarters Accommodation

Endorsed the recommendations of the Finance Committee, as made in the Committee’s reports of its Forty-ninth and Fiftieth Sessions (para. 152)

Agreed in particular with the recommendation of the Finance Committee to construct a new wing adjacent to building C and 70 rooms on the eighth floor of building D (para. 153)

Acknowledged the generosity of the Italian Government in having made available from time to time additional premises to the Organization since its transfer to Rome in 1951, and welcomed the announced increase in the voluntary contribution of the Government by 50 percent for 1982 (para. 155)

Requested that the matter of accommodation be brought to the Council of Ministers of the Italian Government and further requested the Director-General to seek the necessary appointments for himself and the Working Party appointed by the Conference to convey the Council’s desire for early approval of the construction projects (para. 156)

Requested that “Headquarters Accommodation” be kept as an item on the agenda of future Council sessions until such time as assurances were given of a satisfactory solution (para. 158)

Reports of the Forty-second and Forty-third Sessions of the Programme Committee, and Forty-ninth and Fiftieth Sessions of the Finance Committee

Review of Programmes

Agreed that the Programme Committee fulfilled its mandate to the satisfaction of the Council, and appreciated its valuable contribution to the work of the Council (para. 165)

Concluded that the present Council procedures and practices were adequate and did not need to be changed at this time (para. 167)

World Conference on Fisheries Management and Development

Endorsed the recommendations of the Programme Committee that the technical preparatory phase should be constituted by an extended Fifteenth Session of the Committee on Fisheries, which should be rescheduled from May to October 1983, and that the policy phase of the Conference should be held around May 1984 (para. 169)

Agreed that the European Economic Community should be able to participate adequately in the discussions of the Conference (para. 170)

Endorsed the suggestions made at the Regional Conferences regarding the scope, objectives, priority issues and anticipated outcomes of the World Fisheries Conference (para. 171)

Noted with appreciation the offer of Norway to host an expert consultation to examine the issues under study (para. 171)

Requested that the Council be provided at its next session with a draft Agenda for the Conference (para. 172)

Use of Consultants, 1980-81

Fully endorsed the views expressed by the Programme and Finance Committees which had conducted an in-depth review of the subject concerning the use of consultants (para. 173)

Actuarial Review of Separation Payments Scheme

Endorsed the Finance Committee’s recommendations concerning amendments to the existing funding coverage (para. 176)

Personnel Matters

(a) Professional and Higher categories

Approved with effect from 1 January 1983 a change in Staff Regulations 301.155 and 301.162 dealing respectively with termination indemnity and repatriation grant (para 178)

Authorized the Director-General to amend the Staff Regulations to give effect to the changes in salaries and allowances as approved for the United Nations by the General Assembly (para. 181)

Decided to authorize the Director-General at his discretion immediately to apply to staff in the Professional and higher categories (including the Deputy Director- General) any future recommendations of the ICSC approved by the UN General Assembly (para. 182)

(b) General Service Category

Approved the ICSC recommendations for a change in the rates and method of computing the staff assessment for General Service staff at Headquarters (para. 183)

Approved the criteria developed by the Director-General as a result of which the allowance for a dependent spouse was to be adjusted to Lire 576 560 per annum from 1 January 1982 (para. 185)

Agreed that the ICSC decision should be implemented retroactively with the salary adjustment of June 1982 (para. 187)

(c) ICSC Job Classification Standards

Agreed with the Director-General’s plan to apply the Tier II standards promulgated by ICSC to the posts covered by these standards whereas the master standard (Tier I) would continue to be applied only when classification action was required on individual posts not covered by Tier II standards (para. 188)

Import Licences for Equipment for Official Use

Requested to be informed at the Council’s next session of developments concerning import licences (para. 193)

Revised Calendar of 1982-83 Sessions of the Council and of those Bodies which Report to the Council

Decided that the dates of the Council’s Eighty-third session would be 13 to 24 June 1983, and approved the revised calendar (para. 198)

Report of the Forty-second Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters

FAO’s Immunity from Legal Process in Italy

Agreed with the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters that the only case in which FAO could become subject to the jurisdiction of the Italian courts was when it expressly waived its immunity in accordance with Article VIII, section 16 of the Headquarters Agreement (para. 207)

Decided to place on record the Council’s serious concern at both the immediate and the longer-term consequences of the situation as it had arisen (para. 211)

Fully supported the Director-General’s position that FAO was immune from the jurisdiction of the Italian courts, and considered that he should avoid any participation in proceedings before the Italian courts that was inconsistent with this status (para. 212)

Agreed with the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters that the Host Government should find a suitable method of solving the problems arising out of the lease, in consultation with INPDAI, without any further recourse to the Italian courts (para. 214)

Concluded that if, owing to the independence of the Judiciary, the Host Government could not at the moment guarantee the application of Article VIII, section 16, of the Headquarters Agreement in accordance with its clear wording, it should take the necessary action, for example through the enactment of appropriate legislation, to ensure that FAO’s immunity from legal process was fully respected in the future (para. 215)

Invited the Host Government to complete its internal procedures at the earliest possible date so that the supplemental agreement could take effect and no doubt subsist as to the respective rights and obligations of FAO and the Government relating to the premises and, especially, as to their inviolability (para. 217)

Adopted resolution 1/82 concerning FAO’s Immunity from Legal Process (para. 218)

Revision of the Statutes of the Advisory Committee on Marine Resources Research

Endorsed the conclusions of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (para. 222)

Other Constitutional and Legal Matters

Applications for Membership in the Organization

Authorized the Director-General to invite Antigua and Barbuda , and Belize to participate, in an observer capacity, at appropriate Council meetings as well as regional and technical meetings of the Organization of interest to them (para. 226)

Invitations to Non-Member Nations to attend FAO Sessions

Agreed to the requests of the German Democratic Republic and the USSR to attend in an observer capacity the Seventh Session of the Committee on Agriculture which would take place in Rome from 21 to 30 March 1983 (para. 227)

Approved th proposal to invite to the World Conference on Fisheries Management and Development ( Rome , 1984) all States Members of FAO, the United Nations, any of its Specialized Agencies, or the International Atomic Energy Agency (para. 228, see also para. 170)

Abolition of the Regional Commission on Farm Management for Asia and the Far East ,and change of Title of the Asia and Far East Commission on Agricultural Statistics

Decided unanimously to change the name of the Asia and Far East Commission on Agricultural Statistics to “ Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics” (para. 231)

Establishment of a Regional Commission on Food Security for Asia and the Pacific

Agreed that the recommendations of the Commission should be brought to the attention of the Conference through the Council, as well as to the Committee on World Food Security and to he FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (para. 238)

Adopted resolution 2/82 concerning the Establishment of a Regional Commission on Food Security for Asia and the Pacific (pam. 239)

Change of Name of the Rep “Latin American to”Latin America and the Caribbean ”

Agreed to the proposal to change the name of the Region from “ Latin America ” to “Latin America and the Caribbean ”, and invited the Conference to endorse this change as well as similar changes in the titles of the Regional Conference and the Regional Office (paras. 242 and 243)

Appointment of a Member Government Representative the Staff Pension Committee

Appointed J. Glistrup, Permanent Representative of Denmark to FAO, as a Member of the FAO Staff Pension Committee representing the Conference (para. 244)

Date and Place of the Eighty-third Session of the Council

Decided that the Council’s Eighty-third Session would be convened in Rome from 13 to 24 June 1983 (para. 246)

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