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Amendment to Staff Regulations (Dependency Allowance)1

132. The Council noted that in its application of Staff Regulation 301,0323, the Organization had to offset dependency allowance for a child only if the staff member or the spouse received another allowance for the child under form of a “direct government grant”, whereas it was not obliged to reduce it where a staff member or the spouse benefited from an allowance received from the private sector or through a non-governmental agency. This resulted in an unjustified difference of treatment of the staff.

133. In order to ensure equity and avoid duplication of benefits, the Director-General recommended amendment of Staff Regulation 301.0323, by removing mention of “direct governmental grant”. This would ensure dependency allowance for a child would be offset whenever an allowance was paid from any source external to the Organization.

134. The Council agreed with the Director-General’s recommendation and approved a modifi-cation to the Staff Regulation, reading as follows:

“With a view to avoiding duplication of benefits and in order to achieve equity between staff members who receive dependency benefits from any source external to the Organization and those who do not receive such dependency benefits, the Director-General shall prescribe conditions under which the dependency allowance for a child shall be payable only to the extent that the dependency benefits enjoyed the staff member or the staff member’s spouse amount to less than such a dependency allowance.”

Date and Place of the Eighty-fifth Session of the Council2

135. The Council decided that its Eighty-fifth Session would be convened on Friday 5 November 1983 at FAO Headquarters, unless the Twenty-second Session of the Conference finished early, in which case it would be convened beforehand.

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2CL 83/PV/5; CL 84/PV/6.

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