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  1. The AGRIS data base represents a very large intellectual and financial investment on the part of FAO and AGRIS participants. This AGRIS data base utilization policy has been adopted to encourage access to information while safeguarding the rights of all participants and providing a continuing incentive for their participation in the system.
  2. For the purpose of this data base utilization policy, AGRIS participating centres are those providing input and comprise:
    1. each National Participating Centre: namely, the centre designated by the Government concerned to participate in AGRIS;
    2. each Regional Participating Centre: namely, the centre designated by the governments of countries in a region to channel the input of their National Participating Centres to AGRIS;
    3. each International Participating Centre: namely, an intergovernmental or international non-governmental organization that has entered into an agreement with FAO to provide input for the AGRIS data base.
  3. Input to the AGRIS data base shall be provided free of charge. Participating centres shall share with FAO any copyright or other exclusive rights that they may have over their input. Copyright or other rights over the cumulative input provided by all centres shall be exercised by FAO in the interests of all participants.
  4. Each participating centre shall have the right to receive, free of charge, one copy of the monthly output of AGRIS in printed form and/or on magnetic tape.
  5. Each National Participating Centre may use the copy referred to under paragraph 4 above:
    1. for its own internal purposes;
    2. in order to furnish services to users on the territory of its country, including the provision (in reasonable quantities) of copies of records in the data base;
    3. to furnish the services referred to under (b) to users in any other country, if the National Participating Centre in that country is notified of the services to be provided and makes no objection;
    4. to produce and issue selective bibliographic publications from the AGRIS data base or from the centre's own data base containing records derived from the AGRIS data base, provided that no participating centre reproduces more than a reasonable proportion of the records in the AGRIS data base, that notice is given of the copyright vested in FAO and that AGRIS is appropriately acknowledged.
  6. The services referred to in paragraph 5 shall not be the subject of any charge for the intellectual content of material derived from AGRIS.
  7. A Regional Participating Centre shall, without prejudice to any agreement between the centre and the countries in the region concerned, have the same rights as each of the National Participating Centres in the region.
  8. A National or Regional Participating Centre may exercise its rights directly and also through any organization or organizations designated by it for the purpose.
  9. Subject to paragraph 6, an International Participating Centre shall have the rights referred to in paragraph 5(a), (c) and (d).
  10. FAO may use the AGRIS data base to provide any service, and to produce any output product for the Government of any Member Nation. FAO may furthermore authorize any other organization in the United Nations system to exercise the rights referred to in para graph 9.
  11. FAO may contract with any publisher it may choose for the publication of bibliographies based on the AGRIS data or any part thereof. FAO may license the publisher to market the bibliographies on any terms on which they may agree.
  12. Each participating centre utilizing the AGRIS data base shall transmit to FAO an annual report on such use, including services furnished. FAO shall make the information provided available to all participating centres.