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CL 88/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda
CL 88/2 Proposed WFP Pledging Target for 1987-88
CL 88/3 Second Report on Unscheduled and Cancelled| Sessions in the 1984-85 Biennium
CL 88/4 Reports of the 49th Session of the Programme Committee;| the 56th Session of the Finance Committee, and their Joint| Session (Rome, 16-26 September 1985)
CL 88/4-Corr.l Corrigendum to CL 88/4
(E/S only)
CL 88/5 Report of the 47th Session of the CCLM| (Rome, 14-15 October 1985)
CL 88/6 Report of the 55th Session of the CCP| (Rome, 21-25 October 1985)
CL 88/7 Action Arising Out of the Ninth World| Forestry Congress (Mexico City, July 1985)
CL 88/8 Evaluation of the Technical Cooperation| Programme - Proposals for Action
CL 88/9 Increase in the Number of Vice-Chairmen of the Conference
CL 88/INF/Series
CL 88/INF/l Provisional Timetable
CL 88/INF/2-Rev.l Provisional List of Delegates and Observers
CL 88/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents
CL 88/INF/4 Information for Delegates and Observers
CL 88/INF/5 Invitations to International NGOs Which do not have Status with| FAO
CL.88/INF/6 Index of Conference and Council Decisions| (November 1977-June 1985)
CL 88/INF/7 Implementation of Decisions taken at the Eighty-seventh| Council Session
CL 88/INF/8 No document
CL 88/INF/9 Changes in Representation of Member Nation's ort the Programme| Committee
CL 88/INF/10 Report on the Evaluation of the FAO Technical Cooperation| Programme
CL- 88/INF/ll JIU Report on the United Nations Transport and Communications| Decade in Africa (JlU/REP/85/4)
CL 88/INF/12 International Code of Conduct on Distribution and Use Of| Pesticides (Telex from EEC)
CL 88/LIM/Series
CL 88/LIM/l Financial Position of the Organization
CL 88/REP/Series
CL 88/REP/l to )
CL 88/REP/5 )
Draft Report of Plenary
CL 88/PV/Series
CL/PV/1 to )
CL/PV/7 )
Verbatim Records of Plenary
CL 88/OD/Series
CL 88/0D/1 to )
CL 88/0D/4 )
Orders of the Day

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