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1. The Eighty-ninth Session of the Council was held in Rome on 28 November 1985, under the Chairmanship of Mr Lassaad Ben Osman, Independent Chairman of the Council.

Adoption of Agenda 1

2. The Agenda of the Session was adopted unanimously as presented, and is given in Appendix A to this Report.

Election of Three Vice-Chairmen 2

3. The Council elected three Vice-Chairmen for its session: Ms M.H. Fenwick (United States of America), R.C. Gupta (India), F.B. de Menezes (Sao Tome and Principe).

Tribute to Outgoing Chairmen of the Programme and Finance Committees 2

4. The Council expressed its thanks to the outgoing Chairmen of the Programme Committee (M. Trkulja of Yugoslavia) and the Finance Committee (D.H.J. Abeyagoonasekera of Sri Lanka) for the valuable contributions they had made to their respective committees and to the Council.

Tribute to Mr Dieter F.R. Bommer 2

5. The Director-General and the Council paid tribute to Mr Dieter F.R. Bommer, Assistant Director-General, Agriculture Department, who was leaving the Organization. They expressed great appreciation for his work with FAO and wished him a happy retirement.

1 CL 89/1; CL 89/PV/1.

2 CL 89/PV/1.