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CL 90/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda
CL 90/2 The State of Food and Agriculture 1986
CL 90/2-Sup.1 Supplement to CL 90/2
CL 90/3 Report of the 50th Session of the Programme Committee (Rome, 5-15 May 1986)
CL 90/4 Report of the 57th Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, 12-20 May 1986)
CL 90/4-Corr.1 Corrigendum to CL 90/4
CL 90/5 Report of the 48th Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (Rome, 29 September -1 October 1986)
CL 90/6 Date of Nominations for the Office of Director-General
CL 90/6-Rev.1 Revision of CL 90/6 (French only)
CL 90/7 First Report on Unscheduled and Cancelled Sessions in the 1986-87 Biennium
CL 90/8 Report of the 8th Session of the Committee on Forestry (Rome, 21-25 April 1986)
CL 90/9 Eleventh Annual Report of the Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes to the Economic and Social Council, the FAO Council and the World Food Council
CL 90/9-Corr.1 (F only) Corrigendum to CL 90/9 (French only)
CL 90/10 Report of the 11th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (Rome, 9-16 April 86)
CL 90/11 Membership of the Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes
CL 90/12 Recent Developments in the UN System of Interest to FAO
CL 90/13-Rev.1 Membership of the Committee on Forest Development in the Tropics
CL 90/14 Amendments to the Agreement for the Establishment of a Regional Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia, the Far East, and the South West Pacific
CL 90/15 Progress Report on World Food Day Activities
CL 90/16 Report of the 51st Session of the Programme Committee (Rome, 22 September-1 October 1986)
CL 90/17 Report of the 58th Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, 22 September-2 October 1986)
CL 90/18-Rev.1 Revised Calendar of 1986-87 Sessions of the Council and of Those Bodies which Report to the Council
CL 90/19 FAO Follow-up of UN General Assembly Special Session on the Critical EcQnomic Situation in Africa
CL 90/20 Question of the Abolition of the Regional Commission on Farm Management for Asia and the Far East
CL 90/21 Report on the In-Depth Study of Agricultural and Food Problems in Africa
CL 90/22 Developments Regarding Headquarters Accommodation
CL 90/23 Budgetary and Cash Flow Forecast Relating to the Programme of Work and Budget for 1986-87
CL 90/23 Sup.1 Programme of Work and Budget 1986-87 - Publications, Main Documents and Major Working Papers Affected by Proposed Programme Adjustments
CL 90/23 Sup.2 Programme of Work and Budget 1986-87 - Revised List of Sessions
CL 90/24 Alternative Approaches to Dealing with Budgetary and Financial Uncertainties
CL 90/INF/Series
CL 90/INF/l Provisional Timetable
CL 90/INF/2-Rev.2 Provisional List of Delegates and Observers
CL 90/INF/3-Rev.1 Provisional List of Documents
CL 90/INF/4 Information for Delegates and Observers
CL 90/INF/5 Statement by Mr. Edouard Saouma, Director- General, to the 90th Session of the Council (17 November 1986)
CL 90/INF/6 Index of Conference and Council Decisions (November 1977 -November 1985)
CL 90/INF/7 Implementation of Decisions Taken at the 88th and 89th Sessions of the Council
CL 90/INF/8 Invitations to Non-Member Nations to Attend FAO Sessions
CL 90/INF/9 Changes in Representation of Member Nations on the Programme and Finance Committees
CL 90/INF/10 17th Report on the Activities of the Joint Inspection Unit (1 July 1984-30 June 1985)
CL 90/INF/11 Work Programme of the Joint Inspection Unit for 1986
CL 90/INF/12 Summary of Recommendations of the 1986 Regional Conferences
CL 90/INF/12-Rev.1 Revision of CL 90/INF/12 (English only)
(English only)
CL 90/INF/12- Sup. 1 Supplement to CL 9O/INF/12
CL 90/INF/13 JIU Report on the Status of Internal Evaluation in Organizations of the UN System (JIU/REP/85/10)and Third JIU Report on Evaluation in the UN System: Integration and Use (JIU/REP/85/11)
CL 90/INF/13-Corr.1 Corrigendum to CL 90/INF/13
(French only) CL 90/INF/14 JIU Report on Some Reflections on Reform of the United Nations (JIU/REP/85/9)
CL 90/INF/15 JIU Report on UN Development System Support to the Implementation of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (JIU/REP/85/3)
CL 90/INF/16 JIU Report on UN Technical Cooperation in Central America and the Caribbean: Volume I - Central America (JIU/REP/84/14)
CL 90/INF/17 JIU Report on UN Technical Cooperation in Central America and the Caribbean: Volume II - The Caribbean (JIU/REP/85/6)
CL 90/INF/18 JIU Report on the Contribution of the UN System Organizations to the Conservation and Management of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Africa (JIU/REP/85/5)
CL 90/INF/18-Corr. 1 (E/F/S only) Corrigendum to CL 90/INF/18
CL 90/INF/19 Statement Delivered on the occasion of the FAO Council by His Excellency, Mr. Messaoud Ould Boulkheir CILSS Coordinating Minister
CL 90/LIM/Series
CL 90/LIM/1 Financial Position of the Organization
CL 90/REP/Series
CL 90/REP/1 to )
CL 90/REP/2 )
CL 90/REP/2-Sup.1 )
CL 90/REP/3 to ) Draft Reports of Plenary
CL 90/REP/9 )
CL 90/PV/Series
CL 90/PV/1 to ) Verbatim Records of Plenary
CL 90/PV/3 -Rev.1 )
CL 90/PV/4 to
CL 90/PV/19
CL 90/OD/Series
CL 90/OD/1 to ) Orders of the Day
CL 90/OD/10 )

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