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Summary of Programme Implementation

109.     The main achievements of the Organization during the biennium are summarised here. The structure of the Programme of Work and Budget (PWB) 2004-05 is followed. Tabular information is provided at the major programme and programme levels on resources available for the programme of work and on expenditures incurred against it. Where applicable, the table also includes data on Field Programme delivery, separately for "Extrabudgetary Trust Funds (TFs) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)", "Extrabudgetary emergency project delivery", "Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)" and the "Special Programme for Food Security (SPFS)".

110.     As part of ongoing effort to reflect in the PIR the results-based principles governing FAO’s programme management processes, the implementation highlights for the technical programmes (Chapter 2 and Major Programme 3.1) are presented within the general context of the objectives and outcomes outlined in the Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2004-09. Key achievements are presented at programme level, emphasising success stories and lessons learnt, including from auto-evaluation of programme entities where appropriate. Regional impacts and the contributions of extrabudgetary resources, partnerships and arrears projects are also reported at programme level. Tabular information on the status of outputs planned in the PWB, plus any new outputs introduced during programme implementation to respond to changing circumstances and requests for assistance in Member Nations, is provided in Annex I.

111.     More detailed reporting on technical programme entity achievements with respect to the entity's objective and indicators, taking into account the progress at the biennial and major output level, is provided in Annex V on the FAO's Internet site (

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