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Sub-Programme Session No. Title and Remarks Estimated Cost $ Art. of Const.and Category Attendance RAFR 902

Seminar on FAO/Unesco Legend of the Soil Map of the World

- To promote Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries and facilitate exchange of information

1 000

- (4) Selected Individuals AGP 802

Expert Consultation on the Establishment of Procedures on Modalities of Introduction of Prior Informed Consent in Art. 9 of Code of Conduct on Pesticides

- Requested by the Twenty-fourth Session of the Conference, November 1987 (Resolution 5/87)

NIL VI-4 (3) Individuals in Personal Capacity RNEA 808

First Session of the Governing Council of the Regional Centre on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development for the Near East

- Originally scheduled for the biennium 1986-87, but cancelled since the Agreement for the establishment of the Regional Centre entered into force only in December 1987. The Nineteenth Regional Conference for the Near East, held in March 1988, requested FAO to assist in the establishment and functioning of the Centre

19 200 VI-5 (1) Members of the Governing Council ESH 802

Expert Consultation on Experiences of Institutional Changes concerning Women in Development

- Requested by the Twenty-fourth Session of the Conference, November 1987 (Resolution 4/87)

500 VI—4 (3) Individuals in Personal Capacity ESN 801

Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Recommended Allowances of Nutrients for Food Labelling Purposes

- Recommended by the Seventeenth Session of the Joint FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission, held in June—July 1987

NIL VI-4 (3) Individuals in Personal Capacity ESN 802

Expert Consultation on Street Foods

- To undertake a global. review so as to coordinate proposed future activities involving health, economic and nutritional outputs, as recommended by regional workshops concerned with the importance of street foods in urban diets which identified fields for further development and. activities to meet governments’ concern

5 600 VI-4 (3) Individuals in Personal Capacity
2.1,8,2 ESD 801

Expert Consultation on Study “European Agriculture: Policy Issues and Options to 2000”

- To review the second draft of the European Study before presentation to the Regional Conference for Europe, October 1988

NIL VI-4 (3) Individuals in Personal Capacity Fl 907

Workshop on Application of Geographic Information Systems in Aquaculture

- To meet governments’ requests made during the last COFI and Council sessions to give more attention to aquaculture development problems

1300 - (4) Selected Individuals FI 712-5

CIFA Sub-Committee for the Development and Management of Fisheries in Lake Tanganyika

- Only one session was originally scheduled, but another was found necessary to ensure proper regional coordination of fishery activities

22 800 VI-2 (1) Selected Member Countries of CIFA FI 715-7 IPFC Working Party on Fish Technology and Marketing

- Originally scheduled for 1987, but postponed due to budgetary constraints

1 900 XIV (3) Individuals in Personal Capacity FI 717

GFCM Executive Committee

- To seek guidance from the Executive Committee on a proposal for a Convention on Fisheries in the Mediterranean prior to the convening of the Fishery Committee of the European Parliament in June

NIL XIV (1) Members of the Executive Committee FI 823 Conference for the Adoption of a Convention on the Management of Indian Ocean Tuna

- Recommended by the Tenth Session of the IOFC Committee for the Management of Indian Ocean Tuna, held in June-July 1988

60 800 VI-5 (2) Selected Member Nations



Sub-Programme Session No. Title of Session Estimated Cost $ Reason for Cancellation AGL 802 Expert Consultation on the Application of 300 Programme adjustments
Results of Agro-Ecological Zone Studies AGL 901 Training Course on Application of Agro- 300 Programme adjustments
Ecological Zone Methodology in SADCC
Countries AGL 902 Training course o-n the Use of Personal 300 Programme adjustments
Computer – Agro-Ecological Zone
Package for Country Use AGL 805 Expert Consultation on Scheme Water 500 Programme adjustments
Distribution & Irrigation Scheduling AGL 808-1/ Expert Consultations on Irrigation Planning 1 500 Programme adjustments
2/3 Management ACL 809 & Expert Consultation on WATTS (Water for 1 200 Programme adjustments
810 Agriculture Technology Transfer System) AGL 804 Expert Consultation on Reclamation and 300 Programme adjustments
Management of Gypsiferous Soils AGP 723-17 International Rice Commission 51 000 Programme adjustments AGP 803-4 Working Group of the FAO Commission on 19 200 Programme adjustments
Plant Genetic Resources AGP 715-5 Committee of Experts on Pest Control 10 500 Programme adjustments RAPA 907 Regional Workshop on Agro-Processing Industries 4 000 Programme adjustments REUR 817 Consultation of the European Cooperative Research Network on Maize 8 000 Cancelled owing to reorganization of network activities RLAC 801 Expert Consultation on the Special Study on Agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean 13 000 Programme adjustments ACA 807 Technical Consultation on Trypanosomiasis 20 000 Programme adjustments AGA 809 Expert Consultation on Prevention of Diseases through Meat 1 000 Programme adjustments AGA 956 Seminar on Control and Eradication of Foot- and-Mouth Disease 4 000 Programme adjustments AGA 804 Expert Consultation on Nucleus Herds for Animal Genetic Improvement in the Tropics 1 000 Programme adjustments RNEA 801 Technical Consultation of the Near East Research and Development in the Near East Cooperative Research and Development Network on Small Ruminants 3 500 Objectives met by the Workshop on Small Research and Development in the Near East organized by the Animal Production Research Institute, Egypt RNEA 902 Workshop on Methodology of On-farm Trials involving Sheep and Goats 6 500 Programme adjustments AGR 801 Expert Consultation on Agricultural Technology Assessment/Transfer Nil Programme adjustments RNEA 804 Technical Consultation on Agricultural Research Management for the Near East Region 8 000 Programme adjustments
2 1 5 7 RAPA 904 Workshop on Agricultural Reporting for Asian Journalists 3 000 Programme adjustments PAPA 905 Regional Workshop on Agricultural Extension 4.000 Programme adjustments REUR 801 Expert Consultation on People’s Participation, Decision-Making Process and Rural Development 9 200 Programme adjustments ESC 904 Workshop on Early Warning and Preparedness Planning in Latin America and the Caribbean 38 800 Programme adjustments ESC 905 Workshop on Exchange of Experiences in the Operation of Early Warning and Food Security Information Systems in Asia and the Pacific 38 800 Programme adjustments ESS 706-12 FAO Statistics Advisory Committee of Experts 1.300 Programme adjustments ESC 721-5 Intergovernmental Group on Wine and Vine Products 19 000 Programme adjustments ESC 901 ECDC Workshop in Latin America on Traditional Foods in Latin America and the Caribbean 38 000 Programme adjustments ESC 902 ECDC Workshop on some Aspects of Basic Foods in Africa 32 300 Programme adjustments ESP 804 Expert Consultation on Pedagogical Experiences in In-service Training of Agricultural/Rural Development Planners 18 900 Programme adjustments RNEA 901 Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation 4 000 Programme adjustments REUR 805 Expert Consultation on Diversification of Agriculture from Food to Non-Food Production 9 200 Programme adjustments FI 737-3 GESA1IP Working Group on Long-term Ecological Consequences of Low-level Contamination of the Marine Environment 750 Programme adjustments FI 804 Expert Consultation on Fish Aggregating Devices 900 Programme adjustments FI 810 Technical Consultation on Fisheries Law Enforcement 89 600 Programme adjustments FI 705-65 IPFC Executive Committee 250 Programme adjustments FI 731-22 EIFAC Working Party on Water Quality Criteria for European Freshwater Fish 500 Programme adjustments RAPA 813 Regional Expert Consultation on Management of Wildlife and National Parks 4 000 Programme adjustments FO 718-11 Near East Forestry Commission 23 000 Programme adjustments RAPA 807 Expert Consultation on Forestry Management and Administration 3 000 Programme adjustments
3.3.1 DDA 801 Fourth FFHC/AD International Consultation 34 000 Programme adjustments

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