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Calendar of 1992-93 Sessions of the Council and of those Bodies which Report to the Council1

17.    The Council approved the Calendar of 1992-93 Sessions of the Council and those Bodies which report to it. The Calendar as approved is given in Appendix D to this Report.

Invitations to Non-Member Nations to Attend FAO Sessions2

18.     In accordance with paragraph B-l of the "Statement of Principles relating to the Granting of Observer Status to Nations", the Council took note of the request made by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) to attend as an observer the Tenth Session of the Committee on Forest Development in the Tropics (FO-703), and approved its participation.

EEC Participation in Sessions of the Council3

19.    The Council was informed that, in accordance with Article II.9 of the FAO Constitution, the EEC, as a Member Organization, was entitled to participate in sessions of the Council on matters within its competence, but not in Council elections. The Council was also informed that seating arrangements for the EEC were in the process of being modified to accommodate its new status as a Member Organization.

Date and Place of the Hundred and Second Session of the Council4

20.    The Council decided that its Hundred and second Session should be convened in Rome from 9 to 20 November 1992.

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