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CL 107/1-Rev.2

Provisional Annotated Agenda

CL 107/2

The State of Food and Agriculture 1994

CL 107/2-Corr. 1

Corrigendum to CL 107/2

CL 107/2-Sup.l

Supplement to CL 107/2

CL 107/3

Review of the Working Methods of the Conference

CL 107/3-Sup.l Rev.l

Date and Place of the 28th Session of the Conference

CL 107/4

Reports of the 70th Session of the Programme Committee, the 79th Session of the Finance Committee and their Joint Meeting (September 1994)

CL 107/5

Report of the 62nd Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (April 1994)

CL 107/6

The Normative Role of FAO in Sustainable Forest Management and Cooperative Role in UNCED Follow-up

CL 107/6-Sup.1

Report of High-Level Panel of External Experts in Forestry

CL 107/7

Implementation of UN General Assembly Resolution 48/162: the Transformation of the CFA into an Executive Board

CL 107/8

Report of the Extraordinary Session of the Commission on Plant Genetic Resources (November 1994)

CL 107/8-Sup.1

Participation of FAO in the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

CL 107/8-Sup.1 Corr.l (E only)

Corrigendum to CL 107/8-Sup.l

CL 107/9

19th Annual Report of the WFP Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes

CL 107/10

Report of the 19th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (March 1994)

CL 107/11

Development of a Legally Binding Instrument for the Mandatory Application of the PIC Procedure

CL 107/12

Collaboration within the UN System and with other Organizations

CL 107/13

FAO Cooperation with the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD)

CL 107/13-Sup.1

Supplement to CL 107/13

CL 107/14

Director General's Progress Report on Implementation of Decisions taken

by the Council at its 106th Session

CL 107/14-Sup.1

Supplement to CL 107/14

CL 107/15

Report of the 63rd Session of the Committee on Constitutional and

Legal Matters (September 1994)

CL 107/16

Appointment of Representatives of the Conference to the FAO

Staff Pension Committee

CL 107/17

Membership of the WFP Committee on Food Aid Policies and


CL 107/18

Broadening the Mandate of the FAO Commission on Plant Genetic


CL 107/19

Application for Membership in the Organization

CL 107/19-Sup.1

Supplement to CL 107/19

C 95/Series

C 95/5

Financial Report and Statements Volume I: Regular Programme 1992-93

C 95/6

Financial Report and Statements Volume II: United Nations Development

Programme 1992-93

C 95/7

Financial Report and Statements Volume III: World Food Programme


CL 106/Series

CL 106/4

Reports of the 69th Session of the Programme Committee and the

78th Session of the Finance Committee (April 1994)

CL 107/INF/Series

CL 107/INF/l-Rev.l

Provisional Timetable

CL 107/INF/2-Rev.l

Provisional List of Delegates and Observers

CL 107/INF/3

Provisional List of Documents

CL 107/INF/4

Note on the Methods of Work of the Council

CL 107/INF/5

Address by the Director General of FAO to the 107th Session of the


CL 107/INF/6

Index of Conference and Council Decisions (November 1977 - June 1994)

CL 107/INF/7

Implementation of the Decisions taken at the 104th, 105th and 106th Sessions of the Council

CL 107/INF/8

Invitations to Non-Member Nations to Attend FAO Sessions

CL 107/INF/9

Officers of the Conference and Council

CL 107/INF/10

Changes in Representation of Member Nations on the Programme and Finance Committees

CL 107/INF/11

Annual Report of the Joint Inspection Unit (July 1992-June 1993)


CL 107/INF/12

Work Programme of the Joint Inspection Unit for 1994 and Preliminary Work Programme for 1995 and Beyond

CL 107/INF/13

No document

CL 107/INF/14

Comments of the ACC on the JIU Report entitled Decentralization of Organizations within the UN System (JIU/REP/92/6)

CL 107/INF/15

JIU Report on Field Representation of UN System Organizations: A More Unitary Approach (JIU/REP/92/8)

CL 107/INF/16-Rev.l

Revised Calendar of FAO Governing Bodies and other Main Sessions 1994-95

CL 107/INF/17

JIU Report on Working with NGOs: Operational Activities for Development of the UN System with non-Governmental Organizations and Governments at the Grassroots and National Levels (JIU/REP/93/1)

CL 107/INF/17-Sup.l

Comments of the ACC on JIU/REP/93/1

CL 107/INF/18

JIU Report on Relationship Agreements Between the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies: Review and Strengthening of Sections Pertaining to the Common System of Salaries, Allowances and Conditions of Service (JIU/REP/93/3)

CL 107/INF/19

A Review of the Specific Development Needs of Small Member States and the Responsiveness of the UN Development System to these Needs (JIU/REP/93/4)

CL 107/INF/20

Statement of Competence and Voting Rights submitted by the European Community and its Member States

CL 107/INF/21

Progress Report on the Preparation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing

CL 107/INF/22

Personnel Matters

CL 107/INF/22-Sup.l

Ad Hoc Measures for the Rome Post Adjustment

CL 107/INF/23

FAO/IICA Cooperation

CL 107/INF/24

Summary of Recommendations of the 1994 Regional Conferences

CL 107/INF/24-Sup.l

Supplement to CL 107/INF/24

CL 107/INF/25

Introductory Statement by the Deputy Director-General on Sub-Item 6.2: The Role of FAO in Forest Sustainable Management and in the UNCED Follow-up

CL 107/LIM/Series

CL 107/LIM/l

Financial Position of the Organization

CL 107/REP/Series

CL 107/REP/l to
CL 107/REP/4
CL 107/REP/4-Corr.l
CL 107/REP/5 to
CL 107/REP/l1


) Draft Reports of Plenary


CL 107/PV/Series

CL 107/PV/l to
CL 107/PV/3)
CL 107/PV/3-Corr.l
CL 107/PV/4 to)
CL 107/PV/4-Sup.l)
CL 107/PV/5 to
CL 107/PV/14

) Provisional Verbatim Records of Plenary

CL 107/OD/Series

CL 107/OD/l to)
CL 107/OD/8)

Orders of the Day

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