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3. Election of the Chairman and Members of the Programme Committee
3. Election du Président et des membres du Comité du programme
3. Elección del Presidente y de los miembros del Comité del Programa

4. Election of the Chairman and Members of the Finance Committee
4. Election du Président et des membres du Comité financier
4. Elección del Presidente y de los Miembros del Comité de Finanzas

LE SECRETAIRE GENERAL: Pour le Comité du programme, nous avons un seul candidat, Mr. Trkulja, Yougoslavie, et pour le Comité des finances, également un seul candidat, M. Bel Hadj Amor, de la Tunisie.

CHAIRMAN: Since we have only one candidate each for the posts, by our regulations we are empowered to elect the two Chairmen by acclamation if you agree that the two Chairmen - the Chairman of the Programme Committee, Yugoslavia and the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Tunisia - be elected by acclamation. I put this to you.

Elected by acclamation
Elu par acclamation
Elegido por aclamación

M. TRKULJA (Chairman, Programme Committee): Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman, you will certainly understand that on these occasions I could not but express my profound gratitude to the Council for having elected me to this very important post as Chairman of the Programme Committee, for a second term. It is obvious that I am personally very deeply moved by this act of renewed confidence. Of course, for me it is not only an honour but a very great encouragement and I am inclined to believe that it is also an honour for my country.

Mr. Chairman, we are all still under vivid impressions of the Conference. One extremely important aspect was in my view when, with an unprecedented degree of unanimity, it adopted a number of far-reaching decisions. During the Conference we discussed some delicate matters of a general political nature, some of which have been very controversial for quite some time now. Very frequently in our negotiations views diverged quite widely, but I am very glad that on one issue we were in full unanimity: I am referring, of course, to the Programme of Work and Budget of this Organization. I am glad that the Conference, as far as the Programme of Work was concerned - I am not now speaking of the budget - was in full unanimity.

Now the Conference is over and we are bound to work and transform the decisions into realities. On my part I can only promise to invest all my abilities and work hard, together with my colleagues of the Programme and Finance Committees. We shall certainly not spare any effort to serve you and the Council. I am positive that we will continue to work in full harmony with the Secretariat and indeed the Director-General, whom the last Conference commended unanimously on his incomparable dedication and successfulness.

Thank you once more, you and the Council, thank you very much.

M. BEL HADJ AMOR (Président du Comité financier): C'est un grand honneur que le Conseil vient de faire à mon pays et, à travers mon pays, à toute l'Afrique. Je suis ému de la confiance que le Conseil a décidé de me renouveler. J'espère en avoir été digne dans le passé et le mériter encore plus dans le futur. J'espère également être de nouveau à la hauteur des lourdes responsabilités que me confie le Conseil. J'ai toujours essayé, avec tous les membres du Comité des finances, d'allier les notions économie et efficacité et de tenir compte des nécessités et des problèmes de tous les Etats Membres et des possibilités du secrétariat.

C'est pour cela, peut-être que j'ose dire que le Comité des finances a réussi dans le passé à avoir une harmonie tant avec les Etats Membres qu'avec le secrétariat. Cependant, j'ignore si mon Comité a réussi, c'est fort possible, puisque le Conseil m'encourage à continuer. Dans cette tâche exaltante, je demande son appui, sa compréhension et sa générosité.

C'est par un simple mot que j'exprimerai ma profonde gratitude au Conseil.: Merci, Messieurs les délégués. Merci, Monsieur le Président.

RAMADHAR (Chairman, Group of 77): I am intervening at this stage on behalf of the Group of 77 in pursuance of the recommendations of the CCLM, the Council and the last Conference, the Nineteenth Conference, in which it was enjoined that the groups of countries will carry out consultations amongst themselves regarding the distribution of seats for the Programme and Finance Committees. I think that my intervention at this stage on behalf of the Group 77 will facilitate the discussion. We have carried out consultations in the Group of 77 and I will indicate briefly the consensus reached.

In the Programme Committee, as we know, the total number of seats are eleven, in developing countries we have eight seats, we have four regions and right now we have ten candidates in the field, two from Africa, two from Asia, three from the Near East and three from Latin America. It has been agreed in the Group of 77 that each of these four regions get two seats.

On the Finance Committee similarly we have a total of nine seats and for developing countries we have 8 seats and we have four regions. We have seven candidates, two from Africa, two from Asia and the Far East, two from Latin America and one from the Near East. It has been agreed in the Group of 77 that each region must get at least one seat so that no region is left unrepresented.

CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much delegate of India, but that does not help me very much. If you were to tell me in the consultation who are the group from the elections then I would be able to conduct the remaining part of our business.

RAMADHAR (Chairman, Group of 77): As you can see there was no agreement on the withdrawal of the candidates but there was agreement in principle on certain general moralities and general criteria and what I told you, Mr. Chairman, and told this Council, was not to obviate the possibility of election but during the course of election the voters might like to keep certain consensus reached in the Group of 77 on these issues and as I pointed out, this is in pursuance of the recommendation of the Thirty-fifth Session of the CCLM, as approved by the Seventy-second Session of the Council and the Nineteenth Session of the Conference.

CHAIRMAN: I would like to point out that once you go to vote everybody will vote according to what he thinks fit and therefore there is no way in which you can tell delegates what to do or what not to do, so far as the proceedings are concerned all delegates are going to vote and then we shall announce the results when they are ready. I would like to call again on the Secretary-General to tell us how many are standing for election and see if we can combine some or all of them.

LE SECRETAIRE GENERAL: Pour le Comité du programme, nous avons les régions de l'Afrique, de l'Asie, de l'Extrême-Orient, de l'Amérique latine et du Proche-Orient. Nous avons dix candidatures pour le Comité du programme plus deux et, pour le Comité des finances, nous avons sept candidatures pour les pays en voie de développement, et cinq candidatures pour les pays développés.

CHAIRMAN: You know that we have to vote because the numbers do not correspond to the candidates and I suggest that we vote on the two Committees, the Programme and Finance Comittees at one go, then we can come back to do the others.

LE SECRETAIRE GENERAL: Pour le Comité des finances, je dois apporter une correction: la délégation du Ghana a renoncé à sa candidature; par conséquent, son nom ne doit pas figurer sur la liste des candidats.

CHAIRMAN: So Ghana has withdrawn and I think this has been circulated in one of the corrections to the LIM on the Finance Committee, LIM/2. If you agree we will take the vote for the Programme and Finance Committees in one go. If it is so agreed, there are no comments, then we will proceed accordingly. We have the tellers here, Ms. Fatima H. Jawhar Hayat of Kuwait and Mr. Rui Meira Ferreira of Portugal.


CHAIRMAN: The meeting is called to order. The election for the members of the Programme and Finance Committees has been completed, and I suggest we take the two remaining committees together also, that is the election of members of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters and election of Five Members of the Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes.

5. Election of the Members of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters
5. Election des membres du Comité des questions constitutionnelles et juridiques
5. Elección de los miembros del Comité de Asuntos Constitucionales y Jurídicos

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