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1. Adoption of the Agenda
1. Adoption de 1'ordre du jour
1. Aprobación del programa

Does any Council member have any comment on the agenda? Hearing none I take it that we adopt the agenda as presented in document CL 85/1.

2. Election of Three Vice-Chairmen
2. Election des trois vice-présidents
2. Elección de tres Vicepresidentes

G. BULA HOYOS (Colombia): En esta nuestra primera intervención queremos felicitar a usted, señor Presidente, por su merecida reelección e, igualmente, felicitar al Director General por el buen éxito de la Conferencia que acabamos de concluir.

La delegación de Colombia tiene el honor de proponer para una de las tres vicepresidencias al distinguido colega y amigo Sr. S. Okwakol, de Uganda, El colega Okwakol es un alto funcionario del Ministerio de Agricultura y Bosques de Uganda; ha compartido con nosotros la última Conferencia y estamos seguros de que será un útil colaborador suyo en la presidencia y un útil colaborador de todos los miembros del Consejo.

H. REDL (Austria): It is a great pleasure for me to support the proposal which was just put forward by the delegate of Colombia.

CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much. You heard the proposal of Colombia proposing the name of Mr Okwakol of Uganda, seconded by Austria. So I take it that this has the concurrence of all members of the Council. Then we elect as first Vice-Chairman Mr Okwakol of Uganda.

R.C. GUPTA (India): My delegation would like to propose Mr Amin Abdel-Malek, Inspector General of Agriculture in Lebanon for the office of the second Vice-Chairman of this Council session. Mr Malek is a well-known figure in FAO. He has been attending FAO Conferences and various fora for over two decades. With his distinguished record we feel that he will be a very competent assistant to you during this session.

Mr. ABDELHADI (Tunisie): (langue originale arabe): Ma délégation se prévaut de cette occasion pour vous féliciter de votre réélection à la Présidence du Conseil et nous voulons appuyer la proposition formulée par l'Inde visant à ce que M. Abdel-Malek occupe le deuxième poste de vice-président du Conseil.

CHAIRMAN: You heard the proposal of India, that Mr Amin Abdel-Malek of the Lebanon be the second Vice-Chairman and that has been seconded by Tunisia. Shall I take it that this has the unanimous approval of the Council? Thank you very much, so we have Mr Malek of Lebanon as second Vice-Chairman,

F.G. POULIDES (Cyprus): First of all I wish to express our warmest congratulations for your unanimous re-election as Independent Chairman and I wish you every success. I have great pleasure in proposing as third Vice-Chairman Mr Eric James Stonyer, Director of Economics Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Wellington. I am sure Mr Stonyer with his vast knowledge will assist you and will contribute most effectively for the important progress of our work.

P.S. McLEAN (United Kingdom): May I first join with other colleagues in congratulating you on your re-election as Independent Chairman of the Council. It is a great pleasure for my delegation to second the nomination of Mr Stonyer, the delegate of New Zealand, as the third Vice-Chairman of this session.

CHAIRMAN: You heard the proposal of Cyprus that Mr Eric James Stonyer of New Zealand may be the third Vice-Chairman for this session. It has been seconded by the United Kingdom. Do I take it that this has the unanimous approval of the Council? We have the three Vice-Chairmen for this session, Mr Okwakol of Uganda, Mr Abdel-Malek of Lebanon and Mr Stonyer of New Zealand. I want to congratulate all these three distinguished Vice-Chairmen and I hope with their help this session will be a fruitful one.

Now we proceed with the next item on our agenda, namely the election of the Chairman and members of the Programme Committee, which is a very important Committee.

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