FC 93/13

Finance Committee

Ninety-third Session

Rome, 13 - 17 September 1999

Recommendations of the ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board to the General Assembly


1. The purpose of this paper is to inform the Finance Committee of recent developments in the activities of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) and the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Board (UNJSPB). As none of the documents were available at the time this document was prepared, the following is a brief outline of items on the agenda of the 50th Session of the International Civil Service Commission. The secretariat will provide the Committee with a verbal update on the outcome of these sessions at its deliberations.


Report of the Working Group on a Framework for Human Resources Management

2. In response to several General Assembly resolutions in which the Assembly requested the Commission to play a lead role in the development of innovative approaches in the field of human resources management, the Commission's Working Group on a Framework for Human Resources Management will present a document (that will be finalized during the session) that will provide the basis for new approaches to human resources management.

Status of implementation of ICSC's Recommendations on Performance Awards: Report by the Organizations

3. The secretariat will present an information document on the status of implementation by the organizations of the Commission's recommendations on performance management. Several organizations have been contacted to present oral reports to the Commission.

Capacity Building for Change Management-Leveraging Global Diversity: Report on the Train-the-Trainer Workshops Organized by the Secretariat

4. The secretariat will arrange for a report on the above-cited project, which was discussed at the Commission's forty-seventh session (1998).


5. A verbal update will be made to the Committee on the occasion of its meeting to cover any developments.