PC 83/INF/2


Eighty-third Session

Rome, 8 - 12 May 2000

List of Documents


Agenda item No. Document No.
1. Provisional Agenda PC 83/1
Provisional Timetable PC 83/INF/1
List of Documents PC 83/INF/2
Provisional Agenda of the Joint Meeting JM 2000/INF/1
3. Review of Programmes* C 99/3
C 99/3 Corr. 1 and 2
C 99/4
C 99/8
C 97/9
4. Programme Evaluation:  
- Programme Evaluation of Food and Agricultural Policy PC 83/4 a)
PC 83/4 a) Sup. 1
- Synthesis of Recent Field Project Evaluations PC 83/4 b)
5. Report on Important Programme Developments PC 83/5
6. Information Note on FAO's Fellowships Activities PC 83/INF/3
7. UN Joint Inspection Unit Reports:  
- Review of the Administrative Committee on Coordination and its Machinery (JIU/REP/99/1) preceded by the Comments of the Director-General and accompanied by the Comments of the UN Secretary-General and of the ACC CL 119/INF/11
8. Progress Report on the Follow-up to Past Programme Committee Recommendations PC 83/8


1. FAO's Presence at Country Level JM 2000/1



* No new documentation has been issued in respect to to this Agenda item. The documents listed under this item indicate background information which Members may find useful.