Beirut, Lebanon, 20 - 24 March 2000

Provisional Annotated Agenda



20-22 March 2000


1.    Opening of the Senior Officers Meeting

2.    Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairmen and Appointment of the Rapporteur

3.    Adoption of the Agenda and Timetable


4.    Follow-up of the World Food Summit (WFS)

Member countries periodically report to the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) as a follow up to the WFS recommendations and its Plan of Action. The CFS reports on the achievements made by FAO and member countries and on the efforts of FAO in providing technical assistance to member countries. The document will concentrate on the regional aspects of the subject in terms of priorities and relevance to the needs of member countries of the Region.

5.    Towards a Strategic Framework for Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Near East Region

A Strategic framework for sustainable agricultural development for the Near East Region is needed to guide the agricultural and food sector development in view of the recent changes in the world trade and economic environment. The Strategic Framework should be based on national development strategies as well as regional cooperation dimensions for resource utilization and policy harmonization.

Working towards the implementation of WFS Commitments for Sustainable Agricultural Development is based on an overview of the Region’s Agriculture, in terms of the importance of the Sector, structure and performance, trends in food security and policy issues as well as food security scenarios.

Elements for proposed strategic framework would include: management of rainfed areas, rationalizing integrated agriculture, fostering linkages between production and consumption, foreign trade and intra-regional cooperation, diversification of extra-regional supply sources, elimination of market distortions and trade liberalization, farmer’s income and rural poverty as well as targeting development projects.

6.    Progress Report on Reactivating the FAO Near East Cooperative Programme (NECP)

A brief account on the progress achieved so far on this programme is given. However, a fresh approach for providing FAO technical assistance which became imperative due to the lack of interest for reactivation of the NECP programme, when discussed during the 24th NERC, is also highlighted. The document discusses a Trust Fund arrangement in response to requests for advisory services, consultancies for problem solving, human resources development, agriculture sector review and policy assessment and planning.

7.    Animal Health Forum for the Near East

A proposal for this Regional Forum was formulated in AGA and a draft Agreement for its establishment was prepared in conjunction with LEG in 1995. The establishment of this forum was discussed and endorsed by different regional fora. The Forum’s ultimate objectives are to promote trade in healthy animals and safe animal products based on scientifically sound disease intelligence. The main technical activities envisaged include: an animal disease surveillance and control network; improving animal disease diagnostic capabilities; and upgrading of animal quarantine facilities and updating trade regulations.

The Forum will play multiple roles including; discussions, information and experience exchange, training, and harmonization of quarantine regulations among countries of the Region. Furthermore, it would also identify and propose investment projects to governments, regional banks or donor agencies in terms of agreed upon long-term development themes. An FAO Trust Fund modality for implementation is proposed, and the Regional Office in Cairo could serve as the interim Forum Secretariat.


8.    Household Food Security and Nutrition Education

This document is an Info Note on household nutritional needs and the required education programme for improving household food security.

9.    Representation of the Region on the CGIAR

At its Medium-Term Meeting in Beijing on 28 May 1999, the CGIAR endorsed the recommendation of the Third System Review to phase out, in consultation with FAO, regional representation to the CGIAR. The Group requested FAO, as Co-sponsor, to consult with its Governing Bodies on the implementation of this decision. The matter was discussed at the 117th FAO Council Session of November 1999. The document reports on the Council decision.

10.    Short Communication on World Agriculture Information Center (WAICENT)

11.    Summary Report on the Agriculture and Land & Water Commission for the Near East (ALAWUC).


12.    Adoption of the Report of the Senior Officers Meeting

13.    Closure of the Senior Officers Meeting



23-24 March 2000


1.    Inaugural Ceremony

2.    Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and Appointment of the Rapporteur

3.    Adoption of the Agenda and Timetable


4.    Statement by the FAO Director-General

5.    Country Statements and General Debate on the Food and Agriculture Situation in the Region


6.    Report of the Senior Officers Meeting

7.    Report on FAO Activities in the Region 1998/99 and Action Taken on the Main Recommendations of the Twenty-fourth Regional Conference


8.    Review of the Progress at the WTO Multinational Trade Negotiations in Agriculture

A brief review is given on FAO assistance to member countries on their preparations for entering multinational trade negotiations with WTO, related to agriculture including convening workshops for training of national cadres as well as providing the necessary background materials.

9.    Proposed List of Topics to be Considered at the 26th Regional Conference


10.    Date and place of the 26th Regional Conference for the Near East

11.    Adoption of the Report of the Regional Conference (including the Senior Officers Meeting Report)

12.    Closure of the Conference