Unasylva - No. 125 - Chemicals from wood

Table of Contents

Vol. 31. - No. 125, 1979

An International Review of Forestry and Forest Products

FAO - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD: Forestry Department S.L. Pringle (Chairman), J. Bim, L.S. Botero, T.M. Catterson, A. Contreras, L. Letourneau, M. R. de Montalembert, M. Muthoo, C. Palmberg, T.M. Pascal Publications Division - D.J. Grossman, R. Condé

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Table of Contents

Irving S. Goldstein
Chemicals from wood

S.L. Pringle
The outlook for tropical wood imports

M.M. Pant
Social forestry in India

Dominique Alhéritière
Environmental impact assessment and forestry law

Peter H. Sand
Combating the trade in endangered species through CITES

The world of forestry

Sawn softwood leads forest products expansion


Conservation Eden seeks money


The outlook for legumes
Energy in poor households

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